Australia 2023: Still Using Only Snake Repellent Spray? Try Sonic Repellent Instead!

Date: 13,04,2023

Author: Aosion

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In Australia, due to the high number of snakes in the wild, people have to take various measures to protect themselves and their families from snake attacks. Among them, snake repellent spray was once one of the more commonly used methods.

Here are some news reports of snake bites from snake spray in Australia in recent years:

(1) According to the Australian Venomous Snake Center, about 3,000 people are bitten by snakes in Australia every year, hundreds of them need hospital treatment, and about five people will die. "It's the most neglected tropical disease," said David Williams, a snake venom researcher at the University of Melbourne in Australia and director of the nonprofit Global Snakebite Initiative.

(2) In 2019, a man was bitten by a brown-bellied sea snake while using snake repellent spray on a beach in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. He used spray to try and repel the snakes, but the snakes attacked his fingers, requiring him to be treated in the hospital.

(3) In 2020, a woman who was using snake repellent spray at the Broome Harbor Tourist Park in New South Wales was bitten by a golden krait. She used spray to try to drive the snake away, but the snake bit her arm and required hospital treatment.
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These reports show that there are quite a few people bitten by snakes in Australia every year, and special attention should be paid to preventing snakes in Australia. Also, using snake repellent spray is not 100 percent safe, and it is still possible to get bitten by a snake if used incorrectly or carelessly. Therefore, when using snake repellent spray, be sure to read and follow the product instructions carefully and use the product correctly to reduce the risk of being bitten by a snake. Also, if you are new to handling snakes, it is best to have professional handle snakes to ensure your own safety.
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A new technology product——Ultrasonic snake repellent

In addition to snake repellent spray, there is now a new technology product —— Ultrasonic snake repellent, which is considered to be safer and more effective than traditional snake repellent spray. So, in Australia in 2023, will you still only be using snake repellent spray? Suggest you try Ultrasonic Snake Repeller.
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An ultrasonic snake repellent is a device that uses high-frequency ultrasound to produce sound waves that are inaudible to the human ear, causing discomfort and disgust in the snake, and causing it to flee. This product has many advantages: first, it does not release harmful chemicals and is harmless to human body and environment; in indoor and outdoor environments.

Compared with the traditional snake spray, the ultrasonic snake repellent has the following advantages:

(1) Prevention is better than cure:
When you use snake repellent spray, you may encounter snakes. It is more suitable to bring snake repellent spray when camping outdoors and climbing mountains. But when you're gardening at home, it's not a good time to use snake repellent spray. If you use a snake repellent, you can keep snakes away before they show up in your garden, greatly reducing the chances of getting bitten near your home.

(2) Environmental protection and pollution-free:
The ultrasonic expulsion device uses ultrasonic technology. First of all, the ultrasonic expulsion device will not cause harm to the human body because the ultrasonic waves it acts on have no effect on human hearing, and it will not release any harmful substances or chemicals. So very environmentally friendly. The snake repelling spray is to expel snakes by spraying chemicals, which may cause a certain degree of harm to humans and animals, and also have a certain impact on the environment.

(3) Safe without contact with snakes:
No contact with snakes is required when using the ultrasonic repellent, so the risk of injury can be reduced. When using the snake repelling spray, it is necessary to directly spray the medicine on the snakes. If it is not used properly, it may be bitten by the snake or accidentally injure the medicine.

(4) Wide repelling range:
The ultrasonic repellent can repel snakes in a relatively large range because ultrasonic waves can be transmitted through the air, so you can use it a relatively wide range. Snake repellent sprays usually only work within close proximity of snakes.

(5) No consumables:
Using an ultrasonic snake repellent is also more convenient than using a snake repellent spray because it only needs to be plugged into a power source to function, and there is no need to worry about whether the sprayer is filled with spray liquid or not.

(6) Long-term all-day protection:
The snake repellent can be fully automatically working 24 hours a day, and it can be used for several months with a full charge. Snake repellent spray will not actively protect you 24 hours a day.


Choose a drive that meets local standards

Of course, there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing to use an ultrasonic snake repeller. First, you need to choose a high-quality, reliable product and make sure it complies with relevant Australian standards. Second, you need to consider the scope of application of the ultrasonic repellent, whether it can adapt to your environment. Ausun International's destroyer was established in 2007 and has been sold in Australia for more than ten years, so if you want high-quality, reliable products that meet relevant Australian local standards, Ausun International's destroyer products are an excellent choice s Choice.
Solar Snake Repeller AN-A515S

In general,

Both ultrasonic repellers and snake repellent sprays have their advantages. The ultrasonic repellent is environmentally friendly, can repel snakes in a large area, and is relatively safe to use; while the snake repellent spray can directly act on the snake, which can drive away the snake more quickly and effectively. Therefore, when choosing a tool to expel snakes, you need to consider your own usage scenarios and needs and choose a product that suits you.

Ultrasonic Snake Repeller is a very safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly snake repellent tool that can help you avoid snake attacks and is more convenient than traditional snake repellent sprays. If you want to know more products of expellers, you can click on the right side of the website to consult online or send us an email (


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