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  • AOSION® Solar Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B030

    Solar Animal Repeller AN-B030

  • AOSION® Multifunctional Sprinkler Pir Sensor Outdoor Deer Birds Dog Repeller AN-B060

    Solar Sprinkler Repeller AN-B060

  • AOSION® Garden Double Sides Solar Animal Deterrent Cat Dog Bird Deer Repeller AN-B080

    Double Sides Repeller AN-B080

  • AOSION® Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flashlight Multifunctional Animal Repellent AN-B010-1

    Animal Repellent AN-B010-1

  • AOSION® Outdoor Motion Active Cat Repeller AN-B050P

    Cat Repeller AN-B050P

  • AOSION® Garden Light Solar Mole Repeller AN-A316F

    Solar Mole Repeller AN-A316F

  • AOSION® Multifunctional Pest Repeller AN-B019

    Multifunctional Pest Repeller AN-B019

  • AOSION® 360 Degree Ultrasonic Insect & Pest Repeller AN-B110

    360 Degree Pest Repeller AN-B110

  • AOSION® Portable Ultrasonic Battery Mouse And Rat Repeller AN-A368

    Portable Pest Repeller AN-A368

  • AOSION®  Multi-functional Electronic Pest Repeller AN-A533

    Pest Repeller AN-A533

  • AOSION® Ultrasonic And Electromagnetic Pest Repellent for Mouse, Cockroach, Spider AN-A833

    Multifunctional Repeller AN-A833

  • AOSION®  New Indoor Ultrasonic Pest And Insect Repeller AN-A838

    Dual Speaker Pest Repeller AN-A838

  • AOSION®  Humane Triple Protection Electronic Rodent Zapper AN-C555

    Electric Rodent Trap AN-C555

  • AOSION® Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp AN-C888

    Solar Mosquito Killer AN-C888

  • AOSION®  Humane Safety High Voltage Electronic Rodent Killer AN-C222

    Electric Rodent Trap AN-C222

  • AOSION® High Quality Electronic Mice Mouse Zapper AN-C444

    Electric Mice Zapper AN-C444

  • AOSION® Insect Killer With UV LED Mosquito Lamp AN-C333

    Mini Mosquito Killer AN-C333

  • AOSION® Humane Safety High Voltage Electronic Rodent Killer AN-C111

    Electric Rodent Killer AN-C111

About Aosion

Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has devoted to the research and marketing of various kinds of Eco-friendly pest control products since the year of 2007.

We got self-management import and export license and our own trademark-Aosion for many years. We have got many professional talents.

All hardware, software, and circuit of our products are completely researched and developed by ourselves and our products and designs have got dozens of national patents as well.

We are mainly focus on all kinds of pest control products using in different environment.

Outdoor products like Solar Mole Repeller, Snake Repeller, Bird Repeller, Animal Repeller, Mosquito Killer Lamp etc.

Indoor products like Mouse Repeller, Mosquito Repeller, Cockroach Repeller, Housefly Repeller, Spider Repeller, Insects Killer, Mouse/Rat Killer etc.

Pet products like Electronic Flea Comb, Pet Trainer, Bark Controller etc.

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