Restrictions on the Use of Rodent Glue Traps in UK

Date: 28,05,2021

Author: Aosion

The action plan for animal welfare was published today by DEFRA which includes their plan to
"Restrict the use of Glue Traps as a means of pest control to help make sure rodents are despatched in a humane manner."

For detailed information, please reference the below content:
UK Government backs Bill banning the use of glue traps for pest control
UK Government backs Glue Traps (Offences) Bill to crack down on inhumane traps

· Glue Traps (Offences) Bill to crack down on inhumane traps

· Glue traps can cause suffering and painful death for animals
Bill follows the Government's Kept Animals Bill, Animal Sentience Bill and Action Plan for Animal Welfare

Using cruel and also savage glue catches to capture rats could be prohibited under a brand-new legislation backed by the Federal government.

Glue catches are a commonly readily available and inexpensive method of bug control.
Nevertheless the sticky traps can cause immense suffering to rats, as the animals can remain alive for at the very least 1 day after capture and also it can take even much longer for them to pass away.
Pets and wildlife can additionally drop victim, with RSPCA rescuing buzzards and also pet cats from the traps in the last year.

Over the last 5 years alone, the RSPCA has additionally gotten over 200 records of animals not considered to be parasites including wild birds, hedgehogs and pet felines being located stuck in them.

The Glue Catches (Offenses) Bill has been presented Parliament by Jane Stevenson MP today (Wednesday 16th June).
The brand-new Expense will allow a full restriction on making use of adhesive traps to capture rats.

The UK has a solid history of leading the way on pet welfare as well as since we have actually left the EU,
the Government is devoted to enhancing these requirements also better by supplying a collection of ambitious reforms, outlined in the Activity Plan for Animal Welfare

Introducing the Expense, Jane Stevenson, MP for Wolverhampton North East, said: "When pest control is needed we have a responsibility to make use of the most gentle techniques in order to avoid unneeded suffering.
A rodent embeded a glue catch will certainly experience a slow-moving as well as uncomfortable fatality, which isn't appropriate when various other pest control approaches are readily available.

Glue catches don't simply record rodents. Various other animals harmed or killed by these traps consist of pet dog cats, birds, owls, bats, fox cubs and also hedgehogs.
It is certainly time to finish making use of these inhumane and also indiscriminate catches.

Preacher Goldsmith for backing this essential item of regulations, which becomes part of the Federal government's dedication to enhance UK pet welfare criteria after Brexit.
Eagerly anticipate working with coworkers to get this ban on the statute books."

Pet Welfare Priest Lord Goldsmith stated: "The UK already has a few of the greatest animal welfare requirements in the world and also as an independent country we are currently able to increase them even better.
We are identified to do so, and also are presently taken part in the biggest shock of pet welfare laws for generations. Part of that includes sustaining the outlawing of these appallingly cruel tools.

Glue traps cause sluggish as well as unimaginably agonizing fatalities and there is no other way of avoiding various other kinds of animals being captured by them, so I am delighted we are able to back Jane Stevenson MP's essential Personal Participant's Costs today. We will do all we can to assist her get this new law onto the statute books.

Glue catches are considered by numerous to be an inhumane approach of trapping and the Pet Well-being Act 2006 needs that pets caught need to not undergo unneeded suffering.

A current plan statement by the British Vet Organization highlighted that rats stuck in glue can endure several injuries including torn skin and broken arm or legs, which can lead to a slow and also uncomfortable death.

Chris Sherwood, Chief Executive of the RSPCA, stated: "We are absolutely delighted to see the very first steps towards a restriction of torturous adhesive traps which create such suffering and also torment to animals.

Our frontline rescuers as well as medical facility team are sickened by the dreadful injuries animals suffer as they struggle to release themselves.
Computer mice as well as rats are the major targets yet other animals such as snakes, robins, owls as well as also kittycats and also pet cats maimed or fatally hurt because of these dreadful catches.

We praise Jane Stevenson in her goal to prohibit these traps as well as delight in to see this bill has Government assistance.
Our team believe the general public want to see traps similar to this outlawed and wish this bill progresses through parliament rapidly so we can consign glue catches to the history publications forever."

The Costs will certainly match the Federal government's bigger drive to present higher protections for animals through its Activity Plan for Pet Welfare.
In May the federal government introduced regulations to officially recognise animals as sentient beings in residential regulation through the Animal Well-being (Life) Bill.
In addition to this, previously this month the Government additionally presented Pet Well-being (Kept Animals) Costs to boost well-being criteria through a wide range of actions for animals, farmed and maintained wild animals.

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