Aosion Spring Tour of 2019

Date: 26,03,2019

Author: Aosion

This March we went to Longmen, Huizhou to enjoy hot springs and fresh air at the same time.
For the Hot Springs, I'd like to share with you some knowledge about  it.

There is the 12 most famous hot springs in the world:
· Yangpachen Hot Springs — Tibet China
· Pamukkale Thermal Pools — Turkey
· Kerosene Creek — New Zealand
· Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs — New Mexico
· Kraus Hot Springs — Canada
· Chena Hot Springs — Alaska
· Uunartoq — Greenland
· Banjar Hot Springs — Indonesia
· Cascate del Mulino — Italy
· The Springs Resort & Spa — Colorado
· Takaragawa Onsen — Japan
· Blue Lagoon — Iceland
Health Benefits of a Hot Spring
Not only is it relaxing, but soaking in a hot spring can have great benefits for your health too.
The healing powers of warm springs have been used for hundreds of years as well as have actually been commonly approved in Europe and Japan as all-natural therapy alternatives for numerous usual disorders.
Hot springs are understood to have a number of restorative advantages, with lots of researchers from around the globe examining balneology or the "treatment of disease by showering."

Here are a few of the benefits of taking a saturate.
· Boost Blood Flow
The water discovered in natural warm springs has a variety of various minerals, including calcium as well as sodium bicarbonate.
Our bodies soak up these minerals when we are in a warm spring, which increases flow as well as overall oxygen circulation.
· Reduce Stress as well as Promote Sleep
The mineral water in thermal springs can likewise help in reducing stress by relaxing tense muscular tissues.
On the other hand as your body temperature level increases in the bathroom, and then cools down as soon as you leave can likewise aid you relax as well as fall under a much deeper rest.
· Alleviate Pain
An Israeli research study discovered that warm mineral bathrooms may assist in pain relief and fatigue caused by widespread pain.
This is due to the fact that the warmth which can dull our assumption of pain by obstructing the discomfort receptors in our bodies.
Likewise being buoyant in the water frequently permits freer movement as the water sustains the body's joints.
· Recover Skin Troubles
The high silica material found in thermal springs can smooth and also soften dry as well as rough skin.
On the other hand, the sulfur consisted of in the water can likewise hold medicinal residential or commercial properties that might ease conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis.
Tips: It is important to consult your physician or doctor before showering in a warm spring to guarantee that the method is risk-free for you.
After a long day of travel, there is nothing better than a soak in a relaxing hot spring. Hot springs are the result of geothermal hot water gushing from the earth's crust and provide relaxation and health benefits such as stress relief and skin detoxification.

Also there is no doubt that Aosion Team had an amazing and relaxed time.
It is great to be able to get out of time to get close to nature.
No matter where you are or where I am, Aosion hope that we can welcome this upcoming spring with joy!

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