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Aosion International has professional staff and state-of-the-art technology allow us to have the capability to design and manufacture a wide range of new items according to the buyer's requirements. Our ability to provide buyers with labels and design services show that it will be your good choice to purchase from us.

Our talented industrial design team designed lots of excellent products which are hot selling and leading the market in past 10 years.

The most important points as a OEM/ODM manufacture:

  • Provide our customers with complete industrial response for the need expressed;
  • Supply the technology appropriate to the product to be manufactured;
  • Guarantee the right level of quality and a lead time in line with market requirements or even special requirements;
  • Make customers' idea come true to be real product with reasonable cost and quality according to customers' requirements.

Customer evaluation

  • Federico *** Buyer: Federico ***

    Reviewed in the on 28 Dec 2019

    Il prodotto è come da descrizione per il momento funziona bene bisogna vedere se dura di più di quello che avevo preso da un altro venditore se è impermeabile non lo so perché io lo tengo sopra una finestra sotto il portico per tenere lontano i gatti dalla macchina come autonomia sembra che tenga abbastanza aspetti negativi sarà il tempo a dirlo

  • AG Buyer: AG

    Reviewed in the on 30 Mar 2020

    In giardino ho allestito una piccola zona dedicata a vasetti con piante, semenzai e germogli: Sono anni che ricopro il tutto con reti per evitare che i merli raspino, sradicando così uno ad uno tutti i vasi. Ho quindi installato il repellente ad ultrasuoni in una zona in cui il suo raggio d'azione coprisse interamente l'area di interesse. A seguito di una prima carica completa delle batterie mediante la rete domestica, è pronto per essere utilizzato. E' sufficiente selezionare la modalità d'azione dello strumento per contrastare l'animale in questione e piantarlo nel terreno. Sono presenti 5 differenti range di lunghezze d'onda emesse specifiche per ogni tipo di animale. Rapida la carica solare ed attiva anche in giornate nuvolose. E' più di una settimana installato in modalità 5 e non c'è più alcun segno dell'azione dei merli!

  • Friedrich *** Buyer: Friedrich ***

    Reviewed in the on 09 May 2020

    Haben genau am Schlafzimmer Fenster ein Holzgiebel wo die (Täubchen) sich dann gern mal hinsetzen und direkt auf unseren Balkon (Ihre Hinterlassenschaften da lassen) ! Und Früh morgens einfach diese (Bezaubernden) GurGur Geräusche .. echt lästig... Jetzt im Winter ist es zwar doch ruhiger, aber dennoch setzt sich ein oder die andere dahin! Bitte nicht denken das ich gegen Tauben oder Tiere bin! Aber wenn ich schlafen will, da kenne ich nichts... und ständig diese (Hinterlassenschaft) auf dem Balkon regt einen doch auf... es gibt genug Bäume bei uns ... jetzt wo dieses kleine Gerätchen da ist merke ich auch nichts mehr! Also Problem vor erst gelöst. Es ist sehr einfach zu handhaben, habe es schnell Installieren können!

  • J R *** Buyer: J R ***

    Reviewed in the on 16 Jun 2020

    This has worked well the cat has not been back to the pond for 3 weeks now, so moved the scarer round to the front by drilling a hole for the spike in an old stool with great success. the only downside is there is no on or off switch so if you leave the unit in front of a plant (like I did) the batteries run out very quickly if there is any wind. The cat had the last word I think with a rude gesture to me just before it jumped off the fence But all in all it's 20 quid well spent.

  • Frank *** Buyer: Frank ***

    Reviewed in the on 03 Jan 2020

    Most impressive of all must be the size of the ultrasound speaker.It is massive & powerful.I bought this to repel cats in the front garden and it works well. Easy to set up and so far seems waterproof, great that it has solar charged.

  • luigi *** Buyer: luigi ***

    Reviewed in the on 14 Aug 2020

    Prima di esprimere un giudizio ho aspettato l'esito della prima prova. Ha funzionato egregiamente. Un topolino è stato ucciso. Sarò più felice quando vedrò ucciso un ratto. Ma non ho dubbi che presto possa accadere perché mi sembra un ottimo prodotto, veramente ingegnoso ed efficace. Già merita 5 stars ma se uccide anche i ratti meriterebbe almeno il doppio si stelle! Ottimo acquisto.

  • Yuriy *** Buyer: Yuriy ***

    Reviewed in the on 05 Aug 2020

    Товар пришел очень быстро, даже не ожидал, в Новгородскую область 20 дней. Упакован очень хорошо, повреждений нет, вид отличный. Теперь буду пробовать мышеловку в работе. Товаром я доволен. Продавца рекомендую.

  • Gian *** Buyer: Gian ***

    Reviewed in the on 30 Jul 2020

    The products were exactly as they were described and exactly as expected. The transactions were also very smooth and direct; the products arrived earlier than expected. Highly Recommended!


  • What's your MOQ?

    We won't require an MOQ for new customers, we would always like to grow together with our customers. So just let us know your quantity requirement, then we could see how shall we support you and move forward together.

  • How long is the delivery time ?

    Delivery time is about 20-25 days after order confirmation.

  • What about the warranty ?

    2 years warranty for all products. If any problem occurs due to our problem, we will take full responsibility.

  • What kind of certificates do you have?

    BSCI for factory. CE, RoHS for all products. IPX4 waterproof for outdoor use products. Please contact us for more details about specific certificate.

  • Does this product accept OEM and ODM?

    Yes. We have our own design team and engineer team. If you have idea about OEM ODM, please feel free to contact us. We'll make it happen.

  • Does Aosion have the capabilities of research and development and patent products?

    Yes, all products are researched and developed by our own engineer team and we have many patent products.

  • Aosion's main market?

    Our main market cover almost all the countries in Europe, North America, Oceania, Korea and Japan.

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