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Pest Zapper

Pest is always a headache problem for almost every family.

Believe that nobody want to see mosquito, fly, cockroach, mouse, mice etc. in house, under your bed, on your roof, in your kitchen, scare or even bite you some time.

What is worse is the pests always come with all kinds of virus cause disease to human beings and pets.

Some family choose repellent to keep them away, but not always useful as pests will also improve themselves and get used with different kind of living environment, this ability is even stronger than us.

So Aosion created a series of pest zappers to help our end-users kill the bothersome pests and throw them away.

Aosion Pest zappers including rat zapper, mouse zapper, mice zapper, solar insects killer lamp, plug-in insects killer etc.

All Aosion pest zappers are using eco-friendly way to kill pests, most of the traps are washable , not poison, no chemical or bad smell.

Always easy and safe to set-up and clean.

Chose Aosion pest zapper series products, bring you no-pest and comfortable life.

  • AOSION® 2022 New 2 IN 1 Mosquito Swatter And Electronic Killer Lamp AN-C800

    Mosquito Swatter&Zapper AN-C800

    Electric shock
  • AOSION® Humane Triple Protection Electronic Rodent Zapper AN-C555

    Electric Rodent Trap AN-C555

    Electric shock
  • AOSION® Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp AN-C888

    Solar Mosquito Killer AN-C888

    Electric shock
  • AOSION®  Humane Safety High Voltage Electronic Rodent Killer AN-C222

    Electric Rodent Trap AN-C222

    Electric shock
  • AOSION® High Quality Electronic Mice Mouse Zapper AN-C444

    Electric Mice Zapper AN-C444

    Electric shock
  • AOSION® Insect Killer With UV LED Mosquito Lamp AN-C333

    Mini Mosquito Killer AN-C333

    Electric shock
  • AOSION® Humane Safety High Voltage Electronic Rodent Killer AN-C111

    Electric Rodent Killer AN-C111

    Electric shock
  • AOSION® New Designed Humane High Voltage Rat Mouse Electronic Zapper AN-C100

    Electric Mice Zapper AN-C100

  • AOSION® Mini Portable Electric Flea Comb AN-A802

    Flea Comb AN-A802

    Electric shock
  • AOSION® Portable Electric Flea Comb AN-A801

    Flea Comb AN-A801

    Electric shock
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