How to Get Rid of Chiggers?

Date: 07,01,2022

Author: Ray

Chiggers are one of the most irritating insects in people's daily lives.
They bite, and hide in your bed, at home, in the yard, and on the way of travel, making you itchy.
If you find some suspicious attacks around your body after a relaxing day in the forest, garden or outdoor keeping you may be attacked by chiggers.
Chiggers are parasites that bite the skin in groups, if they are not washed off the skin, they usually last for hours or days.
They are very popular in the southeastern United States.

In this article, you will find out reliable methods to fight among one of the most bothersome insects-CHIGGERS

Table of Contents:

· What do chiggers look like?
· Where do chiggers live?
· Symptoms of a chigger bite
· How to get rid of chiggers in yard and garden?
· How to get rid of chiggers in your house and bed?
· How to get rid of chiggers on kids and dogs hair?
· How to get rid of chiggers on skin?
· How to prevent chiggers?
· Remedies for chigger bites
· More articles about get rid of other pests

What are chiggers (what do chiggers look like)?

Chiggers-the scientific name Chiggeridae, additionally referred to as; harvest lice, bloodworms, or harvest mites are located in every state in the United States.
However in southern and also midwestern states, they are even more annoying due to consistent heat and also humidity.

Chiggers are small bloodworms that attack people with 6 legs. They are extremely little as well as can only grow to 1/50 of an inch.
It is difficult to see with the nude eye, specifically on your backyard or patio deck. You might require a magnifying glass to see them.
Chiggers have deceptive shades, with warm tones such as red, orange, yellow, and straw. When watched up close, they look like a hybrid of a little spider as well as a tiny crab.
The red variation needs to not be puzzled with the clover termites, they are also red.

Chiggers are not pests, they are arachnids, which makes them a member of the crawlers, mites and ticks families.
To be more precise, chiggers are larvae of chiggers coming from the Chigger family members.
The adolescent kind of chiggers makes use of sharp jaw-like claws to drill holes in the skin, instead of drawing blood like mosquitoes and also bed bugs, they will certainly diminish after they get food from the host's skin.

Where do chiggers live?

Chiggers are outside insects and also they will certainly try to slip right into your house.

Outdoors your residence, chiggers live on disordered hedges as well as hedges near the damp locations of your yard or yard.
In nature, chiggers survive dense plants as well as high lawns near lakes and streams.

If there are some lawns, flowers or plants in your yard, chiggers can additionally hide on there.
In your home, chiggers reside on any type of soft furniture, such as beds, couches, characteristic chairs, as well as also carpets and carpets.
They can additionally be hidden in little spaces as well as cracks in wood floors, furnishings as well as bed structures.

Chiggers require dampness and shade as well as food resources for survival. Consequently, in your home, they look for the exact same points.
This is why you will discover them concealed in the seams of beds and also couches, in addition to in the gaps as well as cracks in the furniture.

In the USA, you will locate chiggers in all states.
Chiggers are energetic in the warmer months of the year, so their task enhances in the months of late spring, summer, and also very early fall.
During this time, you may be bitten by chiggers.

What does a chigger bite look like (symptoms of a chigger bite)?

Chiggers bite by injecting digestive enzymes into your skin, these enzymes break down skin cells so that your skin can be eaten by chiggers.
However, unlike mosquito bites, chigger bites are not immediately noticed.
You may feel squeezed when you bite, but at least for 2-3 hours, you will not notice any obvious bite symptoms on your skin.
When symptoms of a bite occur, you will notice red flags or slightly bumpy blisters on the bitten part. When symptoms begin to appear, intense itching may occur.

Chigger bites do not last for several months, but can last for 1-2 weeks, it can bite your body many times, these multiple bites will give you the impression of eczema.
The most vulnerable parts of the body to be bitten by chiggers are the ankles, wrists, thighs, groin and waist.
Common allergic reactions to chigger bites are skin damage, severe itching, and dermatitis.

How do you get rid of chiggers?

1. how to get rid of chiggers in yard and garden?
Now that you know why chiggers bite you, how they enter your home, and where the chiggers hide in the house and yard, it's time to get rid of them.
Let's start by removing chiggers in the yard.
This is because if you have chiggers in your home, they are likely to hide in your yard.

· Trim the overgrown vegetation in the yard
Reduce the hiding places for biting bugs such as chiggers, fleas and fire ants.

· Reduce humidity(water) in the yard
A damp yard is not only attractive to chiggers, but also to many invasive pests such as cockroaches.
All chiggers need to thrive in humid and shady places outdoors.

· Keep the yard clean to prevent chiggers from hiding
Bed bugs and chiggers hate clean yards. For chiggers and many other insects, the trash and organic waste in the yard is an ideal hiding place.

· Diatomite
Diatomaceous earth can penetrate into the body of chiggers and kill them from the inside by soaking them with the moisture they need to survive.
It is more than just a convenient chigger killer, it can kill many pests hiding in the yard, such as cockroaches, ants and termites.

2. how to get rid of chiggers in your house and bed?
No one wants insects to appear in living areas, especially bedrooms and homes.

· Vacuum your home to remove hidden chiggers
Use a vacuum cleaner to clean all furniture, especially soft furniture, such as sofas, key chairs, chairs with cushions, and most importantly, the bed.

· Spray white vinegar and peppermint oil to kill the remaining chiggers
To make sure that all the chiggers are dead, spray a mixture of white vinegar and water on your hard furniture.
Do not spray the mixture on soft furniture because it will leave a pungent smell that you don't like.
Use peppermint oil spray on soft furniture.
On the bed, spray peppermint oil on hard surfaces such as the bed frame and headboard. Then wipe the surface with a disinfectant cloth.

· Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent
Lemon eucalyptus oil, this is the only plant-based active ingredient recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.
This oil can repel insects for up to six hours, forming an effective barrier on the skin that is neither sticky nor greasy.
You can also spray it on your clothes to get rid of chiggers before going out, but pay special attention to the areas most likely to be bitten by chiggers, such as the ankles and lower legs.
The smell is also very refreshing, unlike chemical pesticides.

· Bask in the sun
You can expose quilts, furniture, etc. to the sun, which can effectively kill chiggers and most other pests.

3. how to get rid of chiggers on kids and dogs hair?
The Electric Parasite Comb efficiently eliminates head lice, nits, chiggers, etc. While completely harmless to humans and pets.

4. how to get rid of chiggers on skin?

· Bathe
There is no doubt that taking a comfortable hot bath can effectively solve the problem of chiggers and relax yourself.

· Use DEET mosquito repellent
Please note that DEET repellent is an insecticide that contains many different chemicals that may cause allergic reactions.
Please consult your healthcare professional before use to ensure that you are not allergic to DEET repellent.

How to prevent chiggers?

You can control chiggers by decreasing the appearance of your lawn to chiggers.
Chiggers like moist locations with thick greenery, prune trees and also hedges to allow in more sunlight and also reduce humidity.
Trimming the yard regularly and carefully around the trees, bushes, and also the edges between the yard bed as well as the wooded or naturalized location.

Rats and various other small mammals are the primary hosts of chiggers, as well as you can protect against these pets from setting up in your yard and also bringing them with you.

If you need to go to the area where chiggers typically live, please shower with soap right away after going back to the space, because the chiggers will not penetrate right into the skin promptly as well as clean the garments you wear.

Unless you have a place in your lawn that has been contaminated by chiggers for years, splashing insecticides is not a great service.
Keep in mind that broad-spectrum insecticides (products of bifenthrin, carbaryl, cyhalothrin or permethrin) additionally kill advantageous pests as well as need to just be made use of as a last hope.
As with all chemicals, please check out the label very carefully to avoid personal injury.

Remedies for chigger bites

There are lots of means to deal with chigger bites at residence, you need to focus on removing chiggers from the skin, soothe itching and pain, and avoid infection.
Constantly follow the product instructions for treating chigger bites.

· Take a shower
Bathing or bathing with hot water after contact with chiggers might help remove any kind of microorganisms staying on the skin and also relieve the skin. Ensure to use soap when bathing or bathing, and also massage your skin with a towel to make sure they diminish.

· Colloidal oatmeal
Colloidal oat meal is a skin protectant as well as also helps in reducing itching as well as inflammation. It has actually been made use of as a home remedy for centuries.

· Calamine lotion
Calamine cream is an over-the-counter item that can soothe the skin by soothing itchiness.
It can also dry insect bites that have actually begun to produce scum, you can use it a number of times a day.

· Non-prescription drugs
There are numerous over the counter medicines that can be made use of to treat chigger bites:
Oral antihistamines can decrease itching and inflammation, Benadryl is an oral antihistamine.
Oral medicines such as acetaminophen or advil can ease discomfort as well as pain. Advil can likewise minimize swelling.

Topical creams that contain active ingredients that lower itchiness, swelling, as well as irritation may likewise work. Try to find products that contain camphor, menthol, or pramoxine.
Hydrocortisone is a product having topical steroids to eliminate symptoms. A topical anti-bacterial will certainly clean up the bite location and also reduce the opportunity of infection.

· Ice pack or cold compress
Use an ice pack or chilly compress to the itchy chigger bite.
Utilize a towel or slim fabric between the ice pack as well as the skin to stay clear of straight contact with the skin in incredibly chilly temperatures.

· Nail health
Maintain your finger nails short to avoid damaging the influenced skin. Damaging chigger bites with sharp or long nails might create infection.


Believe the above method could help you to fight the chiggers problems.
Good luck!

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