Date: 20,02,2021

Author: Aosion

Aosion is pleased to introduce a new electric rat trap for mouse and rat control.

Aosion Electric Rat Trap has been designed to solve mouse and rat troubles.

If there're rodent troubles in your place.
And you do not want to use chemical drugs.
This would be a good option.
Put a bait inside, and set the electric rat trap in the corner where the mouse would usually go.
The electric rat trap would kill the mouse with 5 times 7,000V electric shock.
Without any chemical drugs, completely eco-friendly.
The electric rat trap can help pest control technicians improve their level of best practice, deal with rat troubles.
While minimizing impacts on non-target wildlife by putting the device in corners or gaps where rats normally active and using an extension cord as an indicator.
The unique separation design, which would easily separate the electric rat trap into 2 parts.
The trap part would completely safe without any electric circuit after separation.
And the trap part is made of stainless steel and ABS material, which could be directly washed by water.
So that the device could be continuously used and help you guard your family against rat troubles.

For more information about Aosion Electric Rat Trapplease visit HERE

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