The Chip Shortage Is Driving Up Prices

Date: 14,05,2021

Author: Aosion

The global chip shortage is driving up prices of all kinds of electronic products, including our pest repellers.

In recent months, the price of larger TV models has shot up around 30 percent compared to last summer, according to market research company NPD. The jump is a direct result of the current chip crisis, and underscores that a fix is more complicated than simply ramping up production. It may also be only a matter of time before other gadgets that use the same circuitry—laptops, tablets, and VR headsets among them—experience similar sticker shock.

While the supply squeeze has been felt across the semiconductor industry, those display-bound integrated circuits pose specific challenges. Since they are not especially advanced, the circuits are typically made at chip factories that are several generations behind the cutting edge. With chipmakers focused on building more advanced fabrication plants that yield more valuable components, there has been little incentive to invest in capacity at older facilities. It’s simply not possible to churn out more of them even when demand spikes.
Anything that has an IC built into it is going to be affected by these price increases.

What we are facing at present is not only the increasing price, also the uncertain lead time.
The trends is still continue and there's no sign of recovery.
So if you have any sales plan, it is better to confirm a few months earlier than before, so that there would be enough time to make the goods done.

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