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Date: 14,04,2023

Author: Aosion

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Warning: Some of the following pictures of snakes may cause discomfort to some people. Please choose carefully to watch.


Australia has an interesting nickname - "Fantastic Beast Paradise". It has more than 378 kinds of mammals, 828 kinds of birds, 4,000 kinds of fish, 300 kinds of lizards, 140 kinds of snakes, two kinds of crocodiles and about 50 kinds of marine mammals. The whole of Australia is almost a huge wildlife park. Paradise for animals.


Australia is a magical place with beautiful scenery, people who love life, and amazing animals who love people's lives. Today, let's take a look at the snake that likes to surprise people the most. Sorry, it is a snake that may scare people at any time.

Pay attention to the lunch box

A lunch box for children; what the hell is this guy doing there? It's just sloppy.
The snake in the lunchbox

Pay attention to outdoor box-like objects

What kind of box is this? An outdoor circuit switch box, this snake has already regarded it as its own home, so it must be paid attention to when it is overhauled.
The snake is in the electric box

Pay attention to the toilet

The stomach is uncomfortable. What's the first thing you do when you run home? Squat on the toilet? No! In Australia, the first order of business is to check the toilet. Otherwise, this guy will come up on your ass, what do you do? There are literally pictures of snakes crawling out of toilet holes online, so be sure to check before using the toilet in snake-rich Australia.
sanke in the toilet

Pay attention to shoes

Don't be sloppy when wearing shoes. Keep in mind the trilogy of wearing shoes—squat, look, and wear. First, squat down carefully at a safe distance of 1 meter away from the shoes, and then observe carefully to make sure there are no snakes. Put your shoes on quickly.
snake in the shoes

Take a shower

When you take a shower, this guy pokes his head out of the bathroom heater. Isn't it a surprise?
The snake is on the bather

watch out for golf balls

Be careful with golf, and be sure to check the hole for anything else before reaching in to pick it up.
the snake is in the golf hole

Watch out for pets

Be careful with your pets, this guy killed the parrot, and he can't get out. He is going to take over the parrot as your pet, regardless of whether you agree or not.
Snakes eat pets


Pay attention to refuelling

When refuelling a car in Australia, you should keep your eyes bright. If you don't pay attention, you may lose your life.
Snake at the gas station



There is an old saying in China that a snake swallows an elephant if the human heart is not enough. The snake in Australia said very modestly, no matter where. The snake said that we sometimes swallow kangaroos. The olive python is the largest python in Western Australia, with a total length of more than 4 meters. Its staple food includes kangaroos, birds and lizards, and there is another kind that you can't even imagine-Australian freshwater crocodile. Since the picture is easy to cause discomfort, it is not shown here. Friends who are interested can Google the picture by themselves.

As an Australian, one of the necessary skills is how to invite the snake out in a friendly manner. Snakes are everywhere in the lives of Australians. No, they are everywhere in life. If you are not careful, your life will come face to face with them. I really don't know how Australians have come here for so many years.


It appears that snake repellant are necessary for Australia to target

In Australia, snakes are abundant due to geographical location and climate. Every year, many people are bitten by snakes, and some cases result in death. Therefore, it is very important to prevent snakes from entering the home and workplace.

Traditional methods of repelling snakes often use chemical sprays. However, these sprays are not only harmful to humans but also pose certain risks to other animals, such as dogs and cats. In addition, these chemical sprays also lead to negative impacts on the environment after long-term use.

Snake ultrasonic repellers, by contrast, offer a safer and environmentally friendly option. Ultrasonic repellers repel snakes by emitting a series of high-frequency sound waves. These sound waves are harmless to people and pets but are effective in repelling snakes away from homes and workplaces.

Plus, the Ultrasonic snake repellant is more than just a snake repelling tool. They also repel other pests, such as mice and insects. As such, they are a versatile, practical tool for protecting the overall health and safety of the home and workplace.

To sum up, the snake ultrasonic snake repellant is a safe, environmentally friendly and multifunctional tool that can help people better protect their homes and workplaces. In Australia, where snakes are abundant, such repellers appear to be necessary.

Aoxun Snake Ultrasonic Repeller has been sold in Australia for many years and meets local product standards, so you can purchase with confidence. If you are interested in this type of product, please send us an email ( to contact us.
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