Indoor mosquito killer, how should we choose to identify them?

Date: 11,04,2023

Author: Aosion

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Are mosquito killers useful, and how should we choose to identify them?

This article is mainly carried out from the following aspects:

1. What is the principle of mosquito killer lamp/mosquito killer

2. What are the common types of mosquito killer lamps/mosquito killers?

3. Principles of using mosquito killer lamp/mosquito killer

4. Recommended mosquito killer lamp/mosquito killer

5. Personal summary


1. What is the principle of mosquito killer lamp/mosquito killer

Whether the mosquito killer lamp is effective or not depends mainly on the principle of killing mosquitoes. The current method of removing mosquitoes

(1) One is the optical principle, which adjusts the light that mosquitoes like

(2) One is to change the spectrum to the same frequency that attracts mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are divided into female mosquitoes and male mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes suck blood. Female mosquitoes are identified by the heat, smell, and carbon dioxide exhaled from the human body. This is why you always like to be patronized by mosquitoes because the heat around you is higher than in other places. Much relatively speaking, mosquito killer lamps are still useful, and they cannot be said to be an IQ tax.


2.What are the common types of mosquito killer lamps/mosquito killers?

At present, the mosquito killer lamps on the market are two kinds of mosquito killer lamps, photocatalyst and carbon dioxide.

(1) Photocatalyst mosquito killer: It releases light waves (365nm-370nm) to attract mosquitoes and kills them after trapping, using the phototaxis of mosquitoes.

(2) Carbon dioxide mosquito killer lamp: Imitate the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body, set mosquito traps, release carbon dioxide and human body odour, and are effective for blood-sucking female mosquitoes.


3.Principles of using mosquito killer lamp/mosquito killer

5 Common blood sucking mosquito
(1) Dark environment

Mosquitoes are mostly phototaxis. If the lighting in the room is too strong, the mosquitoes will not be attracted by the mosquito killer lamp. In this way, not to mention blood-sucking mosquitoes, even non-biting mosquitoes will not be caught! So it's best to draw the curtains and close the door during the day, and turn off the lights at night to go out for a walk!

(2) Appropriate height

Mosquitoes are generally used to staying at high places, and mosquito killer lamps are not effective in attracting mosquitoes if they are placed too low, so they should be placed at least 1 meter above.

(3) Appropriate space

The range of light waves of mosquito killer lamps and the range of carbon dioxide heat lamps are limited, so it is best to put one in each room but two in the living room so that mosquitoes have nowhere to escape!

(4) Enclosed space

Keep the doors and windows open, and mosquitoes will keep entering the room. You kill one, and another will come again later, just like weeds, which can't be burned out and regenerate. Therefore, to kill mosquitoes, the space must be closed.


4.Mosquito repellent lamp recommendation

(1) Indoor compact environmental protection mosquito repellent lamp

Product features: detachable, easy to clean, environmentally friendly and no consumables,
UV LED Mosquito Lamp AN-C333
UV LED Mosquito Lamp AN-C333 clean

(2) Multifunctional mosquito repellent lamp, taking into account both indoor and outdoor, portable, solar energy, and multiple installation methods

Product features: detachable, washable, easy to clean, environmentally friendly without consumables,
Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp AN-C888


5.Personal Summary

The ultimate purpose of buying a mosquito killer lamp is to eliminate mosquitoes so that you can sleep more comfortably at night when you sleep.

Therefore, we pay more attention to the effect of mosquito killing. According to this reason, when buying mosquito-killing lamps, we generally have to choose a brand to ensure the quality.

It has a good mosquito repellent effect, a good appearance, is easy to carry, and is guaranteed quality. Aosion is a Chinese brand that has been engaged in the production of insect repellent since 2007, mainly for wholesale purchases or OEM & ODM customer services.

Ultraviolet mosquito killer lamp, remember to use it in a dark environment at night, and turn off the indoor light for better effect!


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