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Date: 13,03,2023

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Before Choose Ultrasonic Bird Repeater, You should know the following.


Table of contents:

1. Introduction and working principle: Introduce what the ultrasonic bird repellent is, how it works, and the principle of using ultrasonic waves to repel birds.

2. Designs and types: Introduce the designs and features of different types of ultrasonic bird repellers, such as outdoor and indoor use, size and shape of horns and loudspeakers, etc.

3. Advantages and disadvantages: Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic bird repellers, such as harmlessness, environmental protection, easy installation and use, etc., and also mention the limitations of ultrasonic waves affected by environmental factors.

4. Suggestions on purchase and use: Provide suggestions on the purchase and use of ultrasonic bird repellents, such as choosing the right repellent, installation location and height, regular inspection and maintenance, etc.

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Through the above topics, I believe that we can fully understand the relevant knowledge of ultrasonic bird repellers and how to use ultrasonic bird repellers to solve bird control problems. Let me introduce it in detail below.


1. Ultrasonic Bird Repeller, Introduction and Working Principle

An ultrasonic bird repellent is a device that uses ultrasound to repel birds by emitting high-frequency sound waves to create intolerable sounds for birds, thus forcing them to leave the area.

The ultrasonic bird repeller works based on a biological principle called "sound shift", which is one of the ways birds use sound to navigate and communicate. When an ultrasonic transmitter operates, it emits a high-frequency sound, typically between 20 kHz and 30 kHz, which is above the upper 20 kHz of the human audible range. But birds have a higher hearing range, so this ultrasonic sound can uncomfortably stimulate and interfere with the birds' auditory system, keeping them away from this area.

The transmitters of ultrasonic bird repellers are usually directional, which can focus the sound waves to a specific area, such as orchards, fish ponds, parking lots, docks, etc. Ultrasonic bird repellers are usually powered by batteries or plugged in, which is easy to use.

Overall, the Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is a very effective bird control tool, especially where sanitation and food safety need to be maintained. It works in a simple and straightforward way, by using ultrasonic sounds to stimulate the auditory system of birds, thereby causing them to move away from unwanted areas.
Aosion Bird Repeller Working Principle



2. Design and type

There are various designs and types of ultrasonic bird repellers, and different designs and types are suitable for different application scenarios and needs.

First of all, from the perspective of outdoor and indoor use scenarios, ultrasonic bird repellers can be divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. Indoor ultrasonic bird repellers are generally small in size and suitable for indoor environments, such as factories, warehouses, shops and other places. The outdoor ultrasonic bird repellent is suitable for outdoor environments, such as gardens, parking lots, docks, highways and other places.

Secondly, from the perspective of sound range, ultrasonic bird repellers can be divided into two types: horn type and loudspeaker type. Horn-type ultrasonic bird repellent generally emits ultrasonic waves in one direction through one or more horns, and is suitable for repelling birds in one direction, for example, targeting birds on a specific tree. The loudspeaker-type ultrasonic bird repellent uses multiple loudspeakers to spread the ultrasonic waves to a larger range, which is suitable for areas that need to cover a wider area, such as gardens or parking lots.

In addition, ultrasonic bird repellers can also be classified according to power, frequency, distance, material and other factors. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the higher the frequency, the farther the distance, and the better the quality of the ultrasonic bird repellent, the better the effect.

Generally speaking, there are various designs and types of ultrasonic bird repellers, and different types of repellers are suitable for different application scenarios and needs. Users need to consider their specific needs and application scenarios when purchasing ultrasonic bird repellers, and choose the most suitable ultrasonic bird repeller according to these needs.
Design and type



3. Advantages and disadvantages

Ultrasonic bird repellers have many advantages and some disadvantages as a very effective bird control measure. The advantages and disadvantages will be explained separately below.


(1) Very effective: Ultrasonic bird repellent can repel birds by emitting high-frequency ultrasonic waves, which are out of the hearing range of humans, but very inadaptable to many birds, and can achieve good expulsion Effect.

(2) Safe and harmless: Ultrasonic bird repellent will not cause harm to birds, and its repelling effect is also a very humane control measure, which has a certain positive effect on the protection of wild animals.

(3) High reliability: Ultrasonic bird repellers generally adopt advanced technology and materials, which have high reliability and stability, and there will be no major failure problems in long-term use.

(4) Easy to install: Ultrasonic bird repellers are usually small in size, light in weight, easy to install, do not need a lot of engineering construction, and do not need to use any dangerous substances such as chemicals, which meet environmental protection requirements.

(5) Can be used for a long time: the batteries of general ultrasonic expulsion devices can be used for three to four months. After three to four months, also remember to regularly maintain the ultrasonic bird repellent, such as replacing the ultrasonic generator, cleaning equipment, etc., otherwise it may affect its repelling effect.


(1) High cost: Compared with other control measures, the price of ultrasonic bird repellent is usually higher, which requires a certain input cost.

(2) Affected by the environment: the propagation of ultrasonic waves is greatly affected by the environment, such as wind direction, temperature and other factors will affect the propagation effect of ultrasonic waves, thus affecting the repelling effect of ultrasonic bird repellers.

To sum up, ultrasonic bird repellers have many advantages and can effectively repel birds, but there are also some disadvantages to be aware of. Users need to carefully consider its advantages and disadvantages when using ultrasonic bird repellers, and choose a suitable ultrasonic bird repeller according to the actual situation.
Aosion Bird Repeller AN B080



4. Suggestions for purchase and use

For users who need to purchase ultrasonic bird repellers, here are some suggestions for purchase and use:

Choose the right type according to your needs: Ultrasonic bird repellers come in many different types, such as stationary, mobile, solar-powered, and more. Users should choose the appropriate type according to their actual needs.

Pay attention to device power:

The power of different types of ultrasonic bird repellers is also different. When purchasing, users should choose the appropriate power according to the type and quantity of birds to be expelled, as well as the size of the repelling range.

Note the coverage of the device:

The coverage of ultrasonic bird repellers is also different. Users should choose the equipment with suitable coverage according to the actual use site when purchasing.

Choose the right equipment according to the environment:

The propagation of ultrasonic waves is affected by the environment. Users should choose appropriate equipment according to the environment when purchasing. For example, waterproof equipment can be selected for outdoor use.

Precautions when installing and using:

The user should pay attention to some matters during installation and use, such as ensuring that the installation position of the equipment is appropriate and the direction of ultrasonic propagation is correct, etc. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

Use in conjunction with other preventive measures:

Ultrasonic bird repellents are good at repelling birds, but they are more effective when used in combination with other control measures, such as bird netting, reflective tape, etc.


To sum up, the purchase and use of ultrasonic bird repellent requires the user to choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual needs and the use environment. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the details of the installation and use of the equipment. The effect of using it in combination with other prevention and control measures will be better.


How about, through the above introduction, is it clearer how to choose a suitable ultrasonic bird repeller?

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