Rodenticides and baits harm wildlife, pets and human

Date: 16,07,2021

Author: Aosion

How do poisons and baits harm wildlife?
Although pesticides are designed to kill specific animals, insects or plants, these products commonly poison non-target species, including wildlife, through either primary or secondary poisoning. 

Primary poisoning occurs when an animal ingests a pesticide directly – for example, a brushtail possum or antechinus (a small mouse-like native marsupial) eating rat bait. Secondary poisoning occurs when an animal eats another animal that has itself ingested a pesticide – for example, a greater sooty owl eating an antechinus that had eaten rat bait. 

Pesticides can kill wildlife, as well as cause illness which increases an animal’s risk of being preyed upon. The exact effect of both primary and secondary pesticide poisoning on wildlife depends on the species, and on the type and amount of poison consumed.

What about pets and children?
Because of their poisonous nature, pesticides pose a risk to animals and people alike, including pets and children. Roaming pets like cats and dogs are most at risk of being poisoned, with one 2016 study at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences finding that one in five dogs had rat poison in its body, and a 2011 study by the Humane Society in the United States finding that 74% of their pet poisoning cases are due to second-generation anticoagulants such as rat baits. 
It is best to avoid the use of all pesticides, or otherwise use them sparingly, carefully and only after researching each poison and its correct usage. Always supervise pets and children, keep poisons locked out of their reach, and be vigilant in public spaces where pesticides may have accumulated, e.g. poisons can accumulate in streams or puddles where herbicides have recently been sprayed. 
If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, seek veterinary help immediately.
If you suspect your child or another adult has been poisoned, do not induce vomiting and call the hospital for help.

How can I keep pests away and keep wildlife safe?
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