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Date: 28,03,2023

Author: Aosion

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Does the mouse in the house always give you a headache, but the cunning mouse is always difficult to get rid of, and there is no way to start? If you are at a loss, seeing the content of this article will definitely open a new door for you to repel/kill rats. You may ask is it really that amazing? Really surprising? Have you ever thought that some common living materials around you, such as: cement, diesel, bleaching powder, etc., can be used to make amazing rodent control materials. And some new rodent control tools you may not have seen.

Rat Repellents.Let's take stock of those, those methods of repelling/killing rats that make you amazing!

1. Cement rodent control:

Fry it with rice flour, corn flour or soybean flour, etc., mix with appropriate amount of dry cement, put a little sesame oil, stir well and put it in a place where mice often come and go. This kind of cement bait has no medicinal smell, but has a fragrance, and mice like to eat it. The cement in the bait has the function of absorbing water, absorbing moisture and solidifying. Rats are thirsty after eating, and they will look for water to drink. When the cement meets water, it will form lumps, which will block the stomach and intestines, and will die after a day or two. Rats that ate cement bait may also kill other rats due to their painful episodes before they die. Rat repellents.Have you ever thought that the common cement powder, as long as you have a little imagination, is also a good material for you to get rid of rats? I believe that by reading the introduction of some methods below, you can also be inspired in rodent control.
cement rat repellent


2. Diesel rodent control:

Stir the butter (you can use waste edible butter) and diesel oil evenly, and put them around the mouse hole. When the mouse enters and exits the hole, butter will stick to its body, and the mouse will lick the butter. When the diesel oil licks into the abdomen, the mouse will be poisoned and die. Mice stick to oil, easy to stick to dust, which will also make the mice feel uncomfortable and lick with their mouths. After the diesel oil enters the stomach with the digestive tract, it will corrode the stomach and kill them.
Diesel rodent control DIY


3.Ammonia rodent control:

Use 1-1.5 liters of ammonia water to pour it into the mouse hole, and immediately block the hole. The smell can kill the mouse. If the mouse hole is poisoned with ammonia water, the mouse will not dare to enter it within one year.


4.Lime powder rodent control:

Put the lime into the rat hole, pour a small amount of water, and seal the hole with wet soil immediately when the hole is hot. The carbon dioxide and heat produced by the reaction of quicklime and water can suffocate mice in the hole.
lime power Diesel rodent control DIY


5. Bleach powder rodent control:

After detecting the rat hole, seal the back hole, put 20 grams of bleaching powder into the front hole, and then pour an appropriate amount of water into the hole to quickly seal the hole. The bleach will produce chlorine gas when it meets water, which will poison the rats in the hole.
Bleach powder rodent control DIY


6. Methamidophos rodent control:

Mix 0.5-1 kg of rice, soybeans, wheat and other grains with 25 grams of methamidophos, and after 5 minutes, wait until the grains have absorbed enough liquid medicine, and spread them in the fields or places where mice are infested. Because the smell of methamidophos is similar to that of dried radish slices, mice love to eat it, and the poisoning effect is good, but this drug should not be placed in the place where the family and livestock come and go, so as to avoid accidental ingestion.
Methamidophos rodent control DIY


7. Use ultrasonic repellers.

Ultrasonic repellent is a new type of rodent control tool, which uses ultrasonic waves to expel rats. There are two product categories, indoor and outdoor, and both work similarly. It is recommended to refer to this AN-030 repellent with sensors (for details, please click here AN-030 repellent), which can be used indoors and outdoors, and the gear can be adjusted, and it can also repel other harassing animals. (For details, please click here AN-030 Destroyer)
Rat Repeller AN 030
Aosion Rat Repeller AN-A368


8. Electric rodent killer

Electric shock rodent killer, 7000v voltage, some friends asked curiously how about the escape rate? Let's just say that none of the rats that went in came out alive. When the mouse is triggered, it will be shocked by an instant 7000v high-voltage electric shock. If one electric shock survives by chance, what about five electric shocks? In consideration of safety issues, multiple anti-mistouches are designed, for example, the front and rear ends must be in contact at the same time. (For details, click here for the electric shock rodent killer)
Electronic Rodent Zapper AN-C555


9.Water tank booby trap

Fill about one-third of the water with a water tank, and sprinkle a layer of rice bran or bran on the water surface, then put a piece of thin paper on the mouth of the tank or install a flap with one end suspended in the air, and sprinkle some grain on the paper or flap. Mice stealing food will fall into the water tank and drown.
Water tank rodent control DIY



Have you heard of these methods and tools for repelling rats/rats? Isn’t it amazing? If you are being bullied by rats at home, you might as well try these amazing and interesting ways to get rid of rats. When using the rodent repellent method, please use it in strict accordance with local regulations, and try not to affect others. For those who have poultry or put poisonous bait outdoors, you must pay attention to avoid eating other animals or humans by mistake.
rat trap rat repellent

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