Raccoon Repellent - What's the best way to get rid of raccoons?

Date: 12,04,2023

Author: Aosion

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This article mainly expands from the following aspects:

1.Are European and American homes really vulnerable to being infiltrated by wild animals?

2.Understand the behavior of raccoons and help us take corresponding measures

3.Measures to repel raccoons

4.The best way to get rid of raccoons

5.In summary, special reminder, please remember

Are European and American homes really vulnerable to being infiltrated by wild animals?

Share an intimate experience of a raccoon visiting from a netizen.

A netizen said: "I have lived in a city with a population of more than 100,000 near Toronto, Canada, for several years. I have never encountered wild animals entering the house, but there are often various small animals in the backyard. When I first moved in, I found it several times. There is something resembling human excrement on the lawn in the backyard, which is very similar to the feces in the comics. I was so angry that I had blue veins, thinking who is so shameless, and ran to my backyard to defecate. I squatted several times at night and didn't catch it, Then it became even more rampant, and it was pulled directly onto the balcony near the sliding door. I almost stepped on it when I went out, but there were still two lumps! Later, I complained to my neighbor about it, and the neighbor told me that it must be a raccoon. Only works if you have a dog or use a repeller.

It just so happens that I like keeping dogs, so I planned to raise a Labrador, and I haven't encountered this kind of thing since then.

After two years of peace and stability, one morning, I was woken up by urinating. After going to the toilet, I went downstairs to drink some water. I always felt that there was something extra on the terrace. I looked closely at a raccoon sitting on the cushion of the terrace sofa and washing his face. To be honest, although I have seen raccoons crushed to pieces on the road many times, this is the first time I have seen a live one so close! This guy was sitting upright on the cushion, leaning against the cushion, washing his face with all his concentration, and he looked quite cute. I guess it would go away by itself after a while, so I went to drink water. When I was about to go upstairs to get some sleep, I saw this guy change seats and continue to scratch at me. Turning my gaze back to the original cushion, I asked why is there a patch of red on the cushion. Take a closer look, there is mud and scratched hair on the cushion, and the cushion looks like blood! Suddenly West Nile, Ebola, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, and other terrible things flooded into my mind, I immediately wanted to find a stick or something to drive it away, and vaguely remembered that raccoons were protected animals and could not be treated violently. In the end, I decided to give it to the old man as a gift, so I knocked on the glass of the sliding door on the balcony. The guy heard it, looked up at me for 3 seconds, and then continued to scratch until the second seat was covered with hair and blood. I don't lose my temper, do you think I'm easy to bully, I opened the door and shouted: Hello! No way, I'm afraid it doesn't understand Chinese. Sure enough, good English is so important it heard my English, and slowly went down the balcony railing. How slow It took this guy 2 minutes at a distance of 2 meters, and I wonder if it has the gene of a sloth. All that's left is to deal with the blood, mud, and fur that Mr. Raccoon has made. I seriously considered whether to throw out the entire patio furniture, then thought about the numbers for this year's tax return and decided to keep sanitizing it. "

Seeing the experiences shared by netizens, I feel angry and funny. There are always some naughty little animals who like to make troubles in your garden, and we often have nothing to do with them for a while.
A raccoon exposed track


Understand the behavior of raccoons and help us take corresponding measures

The following are some of the living habits of raccoons:

(1) Wide range of food habits: Raccoons are omnivores, and their diet includes fruits, nuts, insects, bird eggs, small mammals, fish, garbage, etc.

(2) Good at climbing: Raccoons have strong claws and tails, which make them good at climbing and walking on trees. They can also use their claws and tail to grab prey.

(3) Nocturnal animals, raccoons are nocturnal animals, mainly active at night, and usually sleep on trees or in holes during the day.

(4) Wide range of activities: Raccoons have a wide range of activities in the wild, and can live in forests, swamps, grasslands, cities and other places.

(5) Strong adaptability: Raccoons have strong adaptability and can adapt to various environmental and climatic conditions.

(6) Social: Raccoons usually live alone, but they can also form small groups to forage and live together.

(7) Strong memory ability: Raccoons have a strong memory ability and can remember their nests and food sources.
A group of raccoons at night


Measures to repel raccoons

If you live in a North American country, have a family home, and are being harassed by raccoons, here are some things to do:

(1) Do not touch raccoons directly: raccoons are wild animals and may carry viruses and other diseases. Do not attempt to get close to or come into contact with a raccoon, as this may cause them to attack.

(2) Make Noise: Raccoons usually come out at night, and making noise can make them feel uneasy and leave your house. You could try banging or hitting noise makers etc. on the roof or wall.

(3) Use of chemicals: Some chemicals, such as benzoic acid, garlic, red pepper, etc., have a strong repelling effect on raccoons. Spread these chemicals on areas where raccoons often hang out, such as roofs, corners, gardens, etc. Such methods tend to be less friendly to the environment and humans.

(4) Use a water gun: Raccoons don't like water, you can use a water gun to spray them with water to get them out of your house. Be careful not to use a water cannon as this may injure the raccoon.

(5) Keep the lights on: Raccoons usually come out at night, and keeping the lights on can make them feel uneasy and leave your house.

(6) Food Storage: Do not store garbage or food outdoors or in easily accessible places. Seal up trash cans and store food in airtight containers to keep raccoons from getting in.
A raccoon looking for food in a trash can

(7) Use traps: If you want to catch raccoons, it is best to use live traps and release them away from humans. Do not use the deadly catch method, it may be illegal and may cause other problems.

(8) Seek professional help: If you are not sure how to deal with a raccoon problem, it is best to consult a professional wildlife control company or animal protection organization. They can provide the best advice for your situation. The downside is that door visits are often more expensive and require multiple visits to maintain long-term results.
A scary raccoon


The best way to get rid of raccoons

Having said that, I have another very good suggestion.With a 24-hour outdoor raccoon repellent. Has the following advantages

(1) No chemicals, friendly to the environment and no pollution;

(2) The repellent will drive away raccoons, but will not harm or kill raccoons, embodies humanitarianism, will not destroy the local ecological balance, and more importantly, will not violate possible local animal protection regulations.

(3) Protect your garden 24 hours a day, even at night or when no one is in the house, the repellent device will work for you.

(4) Solar panels, coupled with sensor sensing, make the repellent device more energy-efficient, and the battery can be used for several months on a single charge.

(5) The principle of expulsion, ultrasonic wave plus flash, ultrasonic wave will make these approaching small animals flee with their heads in their arms, but human ears will not hear ultrasonic waves of these frequencies and will not disturb normal human activities. The flash expulsion effect is especially obvious at night;
For more information, please click on the picture
Raccoon Repellent ultrasonic
A repellent with flash and water spray is also displayed here, for more information, please click on the picture

Raccoon Repellent spray water


In summary, special reminder, please remember

(1) Do not try to get close to or come into contact with raccoons. Raccoons are wild animals and may carry viruses and other diseases.

(2) Do not try to use deadly capture methods or harm raccoons, so as not to violate local laws and regulations. It is best to consult a professional wildlife control company or animal protection organization.


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