A headache problem which Australian Government has!

Date: 03,08,2021

Author: Kyle Han

An interesting thing.
When you hear Australia, what animal will appear in your mind?
Yes, 90% people will say: kangaroo and snake.
But how about we only talk about pest problem, usually people will only worry about snake issue if they live in Australia.
As we had see too many photos, views on internet that when Australian get up in the morning, snakes appears everywhere, when you open your door, it drops, when you go to wash room, snakes in bathtub and closestool.
But, the 3 most headache pest problems for Australian government are not snake problem.
They are wild cats, rabbits and fire ants.
Wild cats has been Australia's costliest invasive species.
See below pictures, you may see it more clearly
As a wealthy nation, Australia has accumulated more reliable cost data than most other regions. These costs have increased exponentially over time – up to sixfold each decade since the 1970s.
We found invasive species now cost Australia around AU$24.5 billion a year, or an average 1.26% of the nation's gross domestic product. The costs total at least AU$390 billion in the past 60 years.
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