2018 Aosion in HK Electronics Show

Date: 17,10,2018

Author: Aosion

Form 13th to 16th Oct 2018, Aosion team just finished the journey in HK Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition).

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair is an important fair because it attracts buyers from all over the world.
During the exhibition, Aosion, a leading manufacturer of pest control products, welcomed inquiries from businessmen from all over the world and conducted friendly communication.
As a new type of pest control products, electronic pest control products are different from traditional chemical products.
These electronic products are completely non-toxic to humans and pets. Unlike pesticides, there is no danger of inhaling dangerous fumes, and there is no harm in touching these devices or touching them.
The following are the benefits of such products as electronics:
· It's a generally safe tool to utilize because it doesn't utilize any dangerous or harmful chemicals.
Unlike chemical insect control, repellers just make use of ultrasonic, electromagnetic, electirc shock, etc. to keep pests away from your residence.
· They are secure to use around kids and also many animals due to the fact that they can not get their hands into hazardous chemicals.
· They last a very long time. One tool can last up to 2 years in your home, even if it's connected in night and day.
· These tools are little, portable, visually pleasing, as well as do not take excessive room.
· Ultrasonic insect control gadgets are easy to use. All you require to do is connect them into an electric outlet, and they start sending out high-frequency sounds that push back rodents and also bugs.
· These gadgets are affordable and energy-efficient.
· They work on virtually any kind of sort of parasite you can think about. You'll be safeguarded from mosquitoes, cockroaches, birds, fleas, ticks, mice, rats, and a lot more.
If you are interested in this kind of products, wanna know more informaiton or you are plan to broaden your pest control product lines, welcome to contact us, would be appreciate to share with you the professional suggestions and products.
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