The Impact of the "Virtual Meeting between President Xi and the US President Biden" on Economies of Two Countries

Date: 23,11,2021

Author: Aosion

We deeply know that since the end of 2019, the entire world economy is being affected in many ways by COVID-19.
For more than a year, COVID-19 has delayed ups and downs all around the world, and the virus has frequently mutated.
The situation is still complicated and severe, and the world economic recovery is facing great instability and uncertainty.
Also with the trade frictions between China and United States in recent years, the economies have fallen into quite a trouble.
Many companies, including our customers, are also deeply touched.
Exciting News That Has Attracted Attention of The World!

On November 16, the Chinese and US leaders held a face-to-face virtual meeting, they called each other "old friends" and had a friendly conversation.
They point out the direction and inject new impetus into various fields including the economy of two countries.
Also, the US Secretary of the Treasury Ms. Janet Yellen has issued a statement that "consideration of lowering tariffs on Chinese goods".
Which would be very beneficial to companies including our customers. . .

From fighting the epidemic to economic recovery to responding to climate change, the current global challenges are endless.
As one of the world's largest economies of China and the United States, believe they'll win a bright future together through this good start,
and contribute to the recovery of the global economy.

Tomorrow would be better!

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