What is Qixi Festival and why people celebrate it

Date: 04,08,2022

Author: Aosion

Qixi Festival – also known as the Double Seventh Festival, or Chinese Valentine's Day – falls annually on the seventh day of the seventh month on the lunar calendar, and for this year that day falls on August 4. While it's not as commonly popular nowadays, the Qixi Event has been observed for over 2,000 years and also it dates back to a legendary enchanting story from the Han empire. If you missed out on Valentine's Day in February and require to make it approximately your companion, after that keep analysis.
The legend

The legend behind Chinese Valentine's Day revolves around two star-crossed lovers, Zhinhu, a weaver girl and little girl of an effective siren, as well as Niulang, a humble cowherd. For the two, it was love prima facie. Ultimately, they obtained wed and also Zhinhu brought to life 2 children, a young boy as well as a woman. However, when Zhinhu's mom found that her little girl married a simple temporal, she brought her back to heaven and casted a massive river between earth and paradise to separate the couple-- which is now described as the Galaxy. Touched by the love in between Zhinhu as well as Niulang, the magpies ashore flew approximately paradise and assisted the couple by developing a bridge throughout the river, enabling the two to reunite. Their love relocated Zhinhu's mom, that ultimately permitted the couple to satisfy yearly on that identical day, which is the 7th day of the 7th lunar month.


Lots of personalizeds and methods are related to the Qixi Festival. Traditionally, it is a day when women dress up in Hanfu-- traditional Chinese-clothing that has a lengthy flowing bathrobe with loose sleeves as well as a belt at the midsection-- and spend the day preparing offerings of tea, white wine, flowers, and various fruits to pray to Zhinu for knowledge and to give their wishes. Single women would pray to the celestial couple in wish to find a great spouse, and newly married females would wish to bear a baby. Later in the evening, the women will gather around as well as compete with each other on threading a needle.

While there are several food customizeds prepared throughout Qixi, which differ regionally, a prominent meal made and also consumed throughout the festival is Qiaoguo, a thin piece of deep-fried pastry made with oil, flour, sugar, as well as honey. People think that by consuming Qiaoguo, it will certainly aid rejoin the couple on the Magpie Bridge-- plus, these nibbles are delicious to eat anyways!

Modern-day celebrations

Today, nevertheless, just a couple of these customs continue to be, as the festival has become progressively commercialised-- with numerous pairs commemorating by going on days as well as giving each other presents on the day.
Regardless Of the Qixi Festival being treated likewise to the western Valentine's Day, there are still lots of reasons why it need to be celebrated. Abundant with background as well as heritage, the celebration is a valuable possibility to reconnect with our social roots and an additional holiday to invest with your companion to demonstrate how much they mean to you. When it comes to pleased singletons, the Qixi Festival additionally suggests there will be a ton of unique sales and promotions on offer-- what's not to love? So, whether you're thinking of making some Qiaoguo, preparing for your next purchasing spree, or simply revealing your better half some added love, commemorate the day and also maintain the custom alive.

Our celebration

At this festive season of the year, Aosion wish you and your family a healthy and wealthy life :)


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