Aosion Models of the Year

Date: 16,05,2022

Author: Ray

Tribute to Aosion Role Models


To Joanna:

Dedication and hard work are the bedrock of every great achievement.

Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

We appreciate your participation in the Aosion team.

To Ken:

Customer Maintenance is not a work or branch... it's absolutely an attitude.

It's the lifeblood of any team, everything comes from it and is nourished by it.

You are a role model for the Aosion team in Customer Maintenance.

To Karida:

The greatest discovery one can make is that nothing is impossible.

But we deepy know that the strength of your achievement is rooted in the depth of your passion.

Like a circle, the pursuit of excellence has no end.

We salute your outstanding personal performance.


They Are The Benchmarks Leading The Aosion Family Forward And We Are So Proud Of Them! 


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