Have you ever considered that your favorite pet will die from the rat poison you laid out yourself?

Date: 12,07,2021

Author: Kyle Han

Are you disturbed by rats? The noise, the smell, the feces, the bacteria, the viruses, it's disgusting.
Have you ever thought of using rat poison to make these pesky creatures disappear from your house completely, never to be seen again?
But have you ever considered that your favorite pet (cat, dog, hamster, etc.) might die because of your decision?
According to the investigation, rat poison usually use these ingredients to kill rats:
Anticoagulant rodenticides (ACR)
Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
All four of these ingredients are life-threatening to all pets, some of which can be cured and some of which, if exposed, are pronounced dead.
And even gases from some of the ingredients, like Phosphoides, can cause harm to human beings as well.
Every year, there are many tragedies (pets, kids and even adult dying) caused by accidental ingestion of rat poison.
Many countries are already planning a national ban on the use of rat poison.
Many organizations are already calling for an end to the use of rat poison.
Aosion gives you a more convenient, hygienically safe solution for getting these unwanted visitors (rats) out of your home.
Aosion Ultrasonic Drive Series, using ultrasound to create an environment that makes rats feel uneasy, lose appetite and dispirited, so that they will automatically move out of your house.
Aosion Electronic Rodent Zapper series, use high voltage motor and ordinary bait (butter, peanut butter, etc.) electrocution to kill mice, could be cleaned without touch and fast.
We hope everyone can stay away from chemical agents as soon as possible and live a green and safe family life.

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