Do you always see cockraoches around you?

Date: 22,06,2021

Author: Kyle Han

The reddish brown insect that succeeds to gross out every single one of us with its mere unpleasant appearance actually feels much more homely on the planet Earth that we humans do. 
With their existence dated back to the prehistoric era, about 70 million years ago, cockroaches are believed to be the only creatures who would survive a nuclear explosion.
As they are attracted by human food, cockroaches are a cause of food contamination. 
Cockroaches both defecate and regurgitate on the food that they eat. 
While this is disgusting on its own, it also spreads bacteria and parasites that may be living inside of them. 
Some of the dangers of cockroaches in this regard include bacterial infections. 
A bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa is particularly found in cockroaches and can be transmitted to humans. 
The Salmonella bacteria can also be spread by cockroaches, where it can cause diseases ranging from food poisoning to typhoid.
But how to keep them away from our living area?
Somebody choose all kinds of traps, glues, drugs etc.. but all these way are going to kill them but you may know, the cockroaches will give born even after they are dead.
So that a way to repel or keep them away from the living area would be much important and suitable for us.
Aosion Multifunctional pest repeller could help.
Using ultrasonic and electromagnetic function protect your room from all kinds of insects including cockroaches without seeing/cleaning dead body.
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