Grey squirrel control

Date: 06,08,2021

Author: Aosion

Extinctions of red squirrels:
Grey squirrels are one the main reasons for local extinctions of red squirrels in large areas of the UK. This is due to competition for food and habitat, and the spread of squirrel pox virus, which is almost always deadly to red squirrels but not greys.

Continues to grow:
Grey squirrel management is currently carried out by various methods of culling such as trapping and shooting. The use of warfarin for grey squirrel control has not been permitted since July 2016. Despite extensive culling, the number of grey squirrels continues to grow.

Reason to control:

Grey squirrels would break into people's garden, steal the fruits, destroy the plants, dig holes, left their poob, and make the garden a chaos. Many families are facing the troubles brought by these creatures.

How to control:
With the limit of drugs and glue, the needs to keep grey squirrels away in a eco-friendly way would be more and more.
Aosion has been focused on pest control products since the year 2007, in physical ways without any chemical drugs.
The Solar Animal Repeller would keep unwanted animals away with ultrasonic and flashlight.
Which is energy saving and eco-friendly.
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