How to Get Rid of Opossums?

Date: 13,06,2022

Author: Ray

Opossums, likewise commonly described as "possums" throughout the U.S., have a dreadful credibility in spite of being the only North American Opossums.
Individuals fear them or think they are unpleasant because of their physical features, among which is their huge nose.
Opossumss reveal rows of sharp teeth when endangered and usually play dead to shield themselves from predators.
Nevertheless, to the disbelief of lots of, these animals are mostly accommodating.
Considered to be small problems, it's alright to believe opossums threaten. But are they truly? Let's discover below!

Table of Contents:
· What are opossums?
· How long do opossums live?
· The differece of Possum and Opossum
· Are opossums dangerous?
· How to get rid of opossum in yard?
· How to get rid of opossum under porch?
· How to get rid of opossum in attic?
· How to get rid of opossum smell?
· How do you get rid of opossums naturally?
· How to get rid of opossum in garage?
· How to prevent opossums?
· More articles about get rid of other pests

Getting to Know Opossums

1. What are opossums?
Opossums are the only North American Opossums-- and they have a bag that carries their infants like a kangaroo!
Living the nocturnal lifestyle, possums are commonly seen in the evening, as well as although really cute up close, they might frighten you if you weren't expecting one!

Opossums do not have an excellent credibility as well as are typically taken into the category of rats and raccoons.
Yet the reality is-- they are the furthest from it and not considered rodents at all.

Opossums are not the animals that will study trash bin, but they will certainly eat any type of fallen food that strikes the ground.

Opossums, sometimes, can be great for your gardens because they love to consume pests, snails, slugs, and also even tiny rats.
They will clean up fallen waste and also particles from fruits. Opossums also love to consume ticks as much as 5,000 in a solitary period!

2. How long do opossums live?
The typical opossum life-span is one to 2 years in the wild and also as long as 4 years in bondage. The life expectancy of a Opossums is relatively short for an animal of its dimension. The earliest reported opossum in captivity was four years and also 5 months old. Nonetheless, in the wild, opossums have a substantially lower life expectancy and hardly ever real-time past their initial year.

The average opossum life cycle
They have a remarkable life cycle. Allow's explore each phase in a lot more information.

· Breeding & Gestation
The mating period for Opossumss begins near completion of wintertime, while in between January as well as February. The male opossum finds a lady in warmth while foraging during the night. Throughout the estrus season, women opossums will approve a male simply when. If a pregnancy does not happen within the 36 hours approximately she remains in warmth, she will certainly continue to get in estrus in 28-day cycles till breeding achieves success. Just 12-13 days after breeding, the opossum brings to life 16-20 spawn. This is the shortest gestation period of any type of North American animal.

· Joeys
Infant Opossumss are referred to as joeys. Opossums are roughly the dimension of a grain of rice when they are born. In spite of being birthed blind, they will go up under their mother's tail and also traverse her unshaven stomach to reach her pouch for defense. Most of the children do not survive into adulthood due to the fact that they can't locate a nipple area-- there are only 13 nipple areas. They will eventually die if they are incapable to find a teat to feed upon. The ones that are fortunate sufficient to find a teat will boost their opportunities of making it into their adult years.

· Adolescence
The babies triple in size after just one week of feeding off their mother. The joeys eyes at some point open after around 60 to 70 days in the bag. They sometimes let go of the nipple area at this moment as they will certainly soon emerge from the bag. When they are 75 to 85 days old, they are discouraged as well as hardly ever go back to the pouch. They will remain with their mother up until they are 3 to 4 months old.

· Grownups
A Opossums is finally a grown-up once it leaves the bag as well as is ready to live without its mom.
For males, the age of maturation happens at 8 months. For females, this happens at around 6 months.

3. Possum vs Opossum
How can you tell the difference in between a possum and a opossum?
Both are Opossums creatures, implying they lug their children in a fleshy bag. They are additionally both nocturnal, most energetic at night.

One of the most noticeable difference is, where on the planet does the animal live?
If you saw it in the wild in North America, it's an opossum-- a Virginia Opossums, to be exact. If it is in or around Australia, call it an ordinary old possum.

Next, consider the tail. Opossumss have a scaly, almost hairless rat-like tail. Possums have a bushy tail similar to a squirrel's.

You can also observe what the possum/opossum is eating. Australian possums are herbivores. American opossums are omnivores or scavengers.
They'll consume many points-- fruit, insects, trash, and carrion (meat). Feline food or dog food left outdoors is a preferred opossum treat.

Just how does it respond when discouraged? North American Opossumss have two really distinct protective behaviors. Initially, they will certainly hiss noisally at a perceived assailant. If this display screen of aggressiveness does not inhibit the interested onlooker, the opossum will certainly "play possum"-- it will certainly surrender. Some predators will certainly leave the pet alone if they assume it is already dead. However the Opossums isn't claiming to be asleep-- it actually gets in a comatose state. This is not voluntary but an instinctive response.

4. Are opossums dangerous?
Opossumss can end up being a trouble if they stay your home.
Although Opossumss have a typically passive character as well as aren't constantly negative to have around-- the troubles start to happen when possums don't leave.

Like any type of animal-- opossums are driven by food. Once they have a safe place to remain, the consuming starts. But although they might consume some advantageous points that trouble us in our gardens, like insects and also little rats-- opossums can not contain themselves when they see fruit trees, blossoms, and plants, and they will certainly eat all of it!
Opossums likewise are driven by the demand for shelter and also will certainly den wherever it is dry and also any place there is a secure area hidden from killers.

Opossums come to be a trouble when they make a decision to den in your decks, sheds, crawl spaces, attics, or any other synthetic frameworks. Opossums will certainly additionally den where there is a lot of brush and bushes since the thick branches and also leaves will certainly assist keep them dry and also hidden away.

An additional problem that possums cause is that they attract killer animals that may be much more harmful to human beings than the opossum itself. Some predators a Opossums may attract consist of owls, hawks, coyotes, foxes, wolves, and also bobcats.

Opossum can lug numerous illness, consisting of rabies. Other illness consist of leptospirosis, consumption, falling back high temperature, tularemia, detected fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and also Chagas disease.
Several of these conditions can strongly influence human beings however the majority of them are largely harmful to family pets. Family pets that get these illness that aren't shielded as well as immunized do not have a great overview.

So with every one of this in mind, if you're noticing the start of a possum trouble, or perhaps you already have one, it's time to get ahead of the game by preventing as well as stopping them-- and also we're going to tell you just how!

Best Way to Get Rid of Opossums

1. How to get rid of opossum in yard?
Remove possum attractants
Getting rid of or sealing food materials, water resources, as well as potential Opossums residences efficiently prevents these critters from remaining. If pet food or trash are outdoors over night, it's an open invite for a feast. If fruit-bearing plants get on your home, make sure crops aren't left on the ground. Use sealable trash bags when getting rid of these products to maintain opossums from rooting via the wastebasket.

Usage electronic repellents to scare opossums away
Digital repellents, like motion-activated lawn sprinklers, can alarm opossums and also terrify them away. These repellents are environment-friendly as well as provide even more constant outcomes. They can be made use of on lawns, hen cages, entranceways, pools, barns, compost bins, trees, and also other areas around the yard.

2. How to get rid of opossum under porch?
Install special fencing
While Opossumss are knowledgeable mountain climbers, a cord or electrical fencing can maintain them far from a garden. To hinder these critters, fence ought to be at the very least 4 feet high, with the top foot encountering external to create an overhang. You can include an electrical fencing, also, evaluated an outward angle, around 3 to 4 inches over the top. Any other area, including beneath porches, stairways, as well as crawl spaces need to be blocked off. Cover these openings with steel wire mesh or sheet metal.

3. How to get rid of opossum in attic?
Catch and also eliminate possums using an electrical cage and bait
For these nighttime animals, it's useful to establish the trap in the evening as well as bait them.

4. How to get rid of opossum smell?
Essential oil
Many plant essential oils can eliminate their unpleasant smells well, including mint, lavender, etc.

5. How do you get rid of opossums naturally?
some easy, natural and effective ways to deter possums is by using the scents they hate.
With any scent deterrent, be sure to reapply the scent often to keep the smell strong and effective.
Hot peppers
Pet fur
Fox or other predator urine

6. How to get rid of opossum in garage?
Leave a bright light on in the garage or basement or wherever you suspect them to be lurking.

Sealing up any holes you find that the animals might use to gain entry into your attic or garage.
It can prevent them from entering.

7. How to prevent opossums?
The best thing you can do to make sure you don’t develop an opossum problem on your property is to do what you can to discourage them from showing up at all.
When executed effectively, prevention can mean no need for traps, bait, gloves, blankets, sealers, or finding a place to release a trapped opossum.

Keep your trash sealed in bags and bins with closed lids
Keep your pet’s food indoors
Pick up any fruit fallen from trees
Close off access to hiding places
Add motion-sensor security lights or sprinkler systems to frighten them off
Hang wind chimes
Play with your pet in the yard


Opossums are not actually bad to have around. This is contrary to the idea that they might bring deadly diseases including rabies. Most people mistake their foaming mouth with teeth protruding out to be a sign of a rabies infection when in fact it is only doing a biological response to danger. Also, they can mitigate ticks that bring deadly diseases.
However, if they have entered your house already causing potential danger to your pets and family members, then you need take some methods to keep them away from your living areas.

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