Do you know World Pest Day?

Date: 24,09,2021

Author: Aosion

World Pest Day, also called World Pest Awareness Day, is celebrated on June 6 every year. The day is dedicated to spread awareness of pest management and its benefits to preserve quality of life for people and plants around us.
Do you know, as per an estimate, there are 900 million insects that come under the category of pests?
They are classified as:
· Beetles
· Ants, bees, wasps
· Flies
· Moths and butterflies

The first World Pest Day was celebrated on June 6, 2017, at Beijing Hotel. The pioneer of this day was Chinese Pest Control Association. It was co-sponsored by Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers’ Association, the National Pest Management Association, and the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations.

Interesting facts about pests
Pests have been “pestering” people since time immemorial! Historians believe that cave dwellers might have used smoke to get rid of mosquitoes or swatted them.
- In 2500BC, it is believed that people warded off insects and mites by using sulphur compounds.
- In 1200BC, the Chinese came up with a novel idea to control pests. They used an army of predatory ants to tackle pests like caterpillars and beetles. Intelligent, isn’t it?
Well, human species has always found ways, though not wise at times, to tackle insects and other living organisms that they did not like or want around them.

The most stubborn pest to tackle
Rats are stubborn pests. It is hard to tackle them. Various popular ways to control rats include plant extracts, chemicals, traps, and others. Even prayers, chants, and music have also been used!
Remember cats were used to control rats?

Friendly pests
First of all, identity what insects are actually pests and what are friendly to us. Some insects are neither pests, nor friendly. You can say they are neutral beings; they just exist. So, let them be.
Friendly pests are insects that help to control the dangerous pests. Common friendly pests include honey bees, lady bug beetles, and praying mantis.
· Honey bees perform pollination of a wide range of flora.
· Lady bugs hunt and prey on a huge range of garden pests and aphids.
· Praying mantis are expert predators of a wide range of insects and tiny bugs.

Purpose of World Pest Awareness Day
To increase awareness among the media people, government bodies, and the public about pests and the role of pest management bodies in this regard.
· Bring the pest management industry to light.
· Encourage the use of professional pest management techniques
· Highlight the big threats posed by small pests
· To make people more responsible towards pest control and more sensitive towards friendly pests

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