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Deer Repeller

Deer Repeller

As you know, there are always uninvited animals, like deer. Deer repeller is a kind of product to repel these animals away with PIR sensor, ultrasonic waves, flashlight. When these uninvited animals come into the PIR sensor area, it triggers strong ultrasonic and flashing signal, these unwelcome animals will become so annoyed and disoriented from this unpleasant noise, they'll leave and never want to return. Deer repeller could repel deer up to 6,000 square feet! Meanwhile,deer Repeller is Eco-Friendly, using a non-toxic solution to drive deer away. No sprays, out of the hearing range of humans and most household pets. It saves the environment and many thousands of dollars every year by preventing deer damage to landscaping and crops.

The simple design and natural green color of deer repeller posts blend into your landscaping with minimal visual impact. Deer Repeller has been built to withstand both the unforgiving sun and torrential rain with quality and craftsmanship guarantee.Which has been designed to operate with batteries or included AC adapter. It allows more flexibility to install the device where you want to based on your unique situation.

  • AOSION® Solar Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B030

    Solar Animal Repeller AN-B030

  • AOSION®  Pir Detection Sonic Wave Animal Pigeons Birds Repellent AN-B040

    Solar Multifunctional Repellent AN-B040

  • AOSION® Multifunctional Sprinkler Pir Sensor Outdoor Deer Birds Dog Repeller AN-B060

    Solar Sprinkler Repeller AN-B060

  • AOSION® Garden Double Sides Solar Animal Deterrent Cat Dog Bird Deer Repeller AN-B080

    Double Sides Repeller AN-B080

  • AOSION® Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flashlight Multifunctional Animal Repellent AN-B010-1

    Animal Repellent AN-B010-1

  • AOSION® Solar Wolves And Animal Repeller AN-A363

    Solar wolves and animal repeller

  • AOSION® Solar Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B869

    Cat Dog Deer Fox Repeller AN-B869

  • AOSION® Solar Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B879

    Solar Animal Repeller AN-B879

  • AOSION® Sprinkler Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B061

    Sprinkler Animal Repeller AN-B061

  • AOSION® Battery Powered Sonic Bird Repellent AN-B011

    Sonic Bird Repellent AN-B011

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