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Bird Repeller

Bird Repeller

Bird repeller is a kind of device which emit ultrasonic to repel the uninvited birds from the protected area and keep them away. As everyone knows, bird are big troublemakers near people's orchard, pond and farm, birds will destroy the plantation, fruits, vegetables and catch the fish in the pond, these all may be their target, even the security of the airport facilities will be threatened by the birds. And the birds shit on the roof or in the garden is very difficult to clean up.

In order to prevent these situations and keep the birds away without kill them. Bird repeller can solve these problems in a very natural way, it is safe, clean and eco-friendly, no harmful to people and pets. When the birds come into the protected area of the device, the strong flashing and ultrasonic waves will be activated,then the birds will be scared and fly away. It's suitable to install in the garden, farm, orchard, pond and roof. With our bird repeller, it will make a better environment for your home.

You can find solar animal and bird repeller, ultrasonic bird repeller, motion sensor bird repeller, battery powered bird repeller at Aosion, a well-known bird repeller manufacturer.

  • AOSION® Solar Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B030

    Solar Animal Repeller AN-B030

  • AOSION®  Pir Detection Sonic Wave Animal Pigeons Birds Repellent AN-B040

    Solar Multifunctional Repellent AN-B040

  • AOSION® Multifunctional Sprinkler Pir Sensor Outdoor Deer Birds Dog Repeller AN-B060

    Solar Sprinkler Repeller AN-B060

  • AOSION® Garden Double Sides Solar Animal Deterrent Cat Dog Bird Deer Repeller AN-B080

    Double Sides Repeller AN-B080

  • AOSION® Outdoor Battery Powered Ultrasonic Bird Repeller With PIR Sensor AN-B011-1

    Ultrasonic Bird Repeller AN-B011-1

  • AOSION® Battery Powered Ultrasonic Flashlight Multifunctional Animal Repellent AN-B010-1

    Animal Repellent AN-B010-1

  • AOSION® Solar Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B869

    Cat Dog Deer Fox Repeller AN-B869

  • AOSION® Solar Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B879

    Solar Animal Repeller AN-B879

  • AOSION® Sprinkler Animal Repeller For Cat Dog Deer Fox Bird AN-B061

    Sprinkler Animal Repeller AN-B061

  • AOSION® Outdoor Flashing Battery Powered Cat Dog Repellent AN-B050

    Dog Repeller AN-B050

  • AOSION® Battery Powered Sonic Bird Repellent AN-B011

    Sonic Bird Repellent AN-B011

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