• 04,09,2018

    The rats' auditory systems are very developed, they are very sensitive to ultrasonic waves and can determine the source of sound in the dark. Young rats can emit 30-50 kHz ultrasound when they are thr...

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  • 03,09,2018

    Male mosquitoes do not suck blood, only suck plant juice and nectar. Female mosquitoes can absorb plant juice to keep themselves alive, but only after sucking the blood of humans or animals, can the o...

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  • 09,06,2018

    Glad to share with you that Aosion family just get back from Conghua spring tour.All Aosion families enjoyed fresh air and wonderful time during this amazing weekend. We are happy to be close to natur...

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  • 05,06,2018

    Here we sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth on the fair.We will display our latest new garden and home pest control products at the fair.We wish to talk about our ...

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  • 02,06,2018

    People often say: Alibaba's success is because there's a big bunch of women behind Jack Ma. There are also some "Super Girls" behind Aosion and they have a lot of identities like sister, daughter, mot...

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  • 31,05,2018

    Leaving the noisy city, we came to the embrace of nature, We explore the origin of the snow-capped mountains, Listen to the grass and talk about the changing world. Slowly forget the sorrow and worry,...

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