Explain from the power supply mode and function:

1. Plug-in indoor pest repeller (ultrasonic, magnetic, anion)

Targeted: spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, grasshoppers, geckos, small reptiles, bats etc.
Plug-in indoor pest repeller Model: AN-A317 AN-A318 AN-A320 AN-A321 AN-A322  AN-A323 AN-A325 AN-A329 AN-A338 AN-A620 AN-A630 AN-A633 AN-A833 AN-B019 AN-B119
Mostly use in living room, bedroom,kitchen,restaurant etc indoor places.

2. Indoor Pest /Mouse Repellent (Ultrasonic, Sonic)

(USB) Indoor Pest/Mouse Repellent
Targeted: Flying insects, rodents are mainly for mouse, mice, rat
Mostly use in living room, bedroom, kitchen, restaurant, warehouse, loft etc.

3. Indoor insect/mosquito killer (high voltage shock)

Plug-in insect/mosquito killer AN-C333
Mostly use in living room, bedroom, restaurant etc. And indoor place need to eliminate mosquito.

4. Rat killer (high voltage shock)

electric rat/mouse killer/zapper (AN-C555 AN-C111 AN-C444)
Mainly used in indoor, kitchen, warehouse, loft and other scenes,non-waterproof products.

5. Solar Mosquito Killer (high voltage shock)

Solar Mosquito/Insect killer lamp AN-C888
It can be used in different places hanging in garden/yard, stand in garden/yard with stander, using when go picnic, put on table indoor and outdoor etc.

6. Outdoor Pest Repeller (ultrasonic, warning tone, flash, water spray, infrared sensor with PIR sensor)

Targeted: wild cats, wild dogs, deer, raccoon, foxes, badgers, birds and other similar non-cold-blooded animals.
(Solar) animal/bird repeller model:
AN-B010 AN-B010-1 AN-B020 AN-B030 AN-B040 AN-B050 AN-B050P AN-B060 AN-B080 etc.
Mainly used in outdoor, waterproof IPX4, garden, yard, area around house, roof and other areas that need to guard against animals and birds.

7. Solar/Non-Solar Snake Repeller / Mouse Repeller (Sound + Vibration)

(Solar) Mold/Snake Repeller Model :
AN-A308 AN-A309 AN-A310 AN-A311 AN-A312 AN-A312-V AN-A313 AN-A315 AN-A316 AN-A316F AN-A816 etc.
Mainly used in outdoor, waterproof IPX4, garden, yard, area around house and other areas that need to drive away snakes and moles..