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Multifunction cat dog birds Repeller

Model No.︰AN-B010-1
Brand Name︰AOSION or OEM
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰3000 pc
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Product Description

Multifunction Repeller(AN-B010-1)

The device can emit ultrasonic, strong flash,high-decibel sound waves to drive away animals (such as cats, dogs, birds, mice, etc.) via function adjust button A according to different environmental needs.



Multifunction Repeller : suitable for Garden,yard,home and apartments,food service ,farms and so on.


Technical data:

1.Power Supply: 9-volt battery stacked or a mains powered 9V adaptor

2.Passive infrared area: 70 square meter

3.Passive infrared area: 110 degree

3.Frequency range:15-26KHZ

4.Audio frequency:app 7KHZ

5.Output sound pressure : 110 dB


Specifications :

Multifunction Repeller has two work patterns for your choice, one pattern is auto-work ,the other pattern is passive infrared trigger work.

Mode one with yellow light:Ultrasound+Alarm+Flashing

Mode two with green light (brighten long time): LED Flashing

Mode three with red light(brighten long time):Ultrasound+Alarm

Mode four with the flashing red light: LED lighten, last 30 seconds

Above all 4 modes are triggered

Mode five with the flashing green light: Ultrasonic with long time working with automatic (without trigger, without passive infrared)



1.Put on the battery or plug unit into socket,the head of 8 LED light will flash and indicate the power has been connected,2 second later the device prepare for work. Long press the button A( refer to photo ) the yellow LED auto turn on and enter into the first working mode, after about 20 seconds into the alert mode, When the passive infrared probe to the target, trigger the first mode work(ultrasonic+alarm+falishing), work continued 30 seconds enter  into the alert mode again.

2.You are choose different working mode according to different using environment,after the power turn on and long press the button A,press the button A to choose the working mode (yellow LED,green LED,red LED and flashing the red LED)

3. The conversion time of first three modes, need 10 seconds enter into the alert mode and the first three modes are all woking by the passive infrared. working cycle is about 30 seconds,

4.Long press the button A,turn off the power(turn off all LED),the device stop working.



1. The environment have long time nobody stay, please pull out the plug or take off the swith

2. Keep in mind the frequency waves will not travel through the furniture or other goods.Make sure to plug the unit into an outlet clear of surrounding object.

3.Try to avoid work long time in wet situation and prohibit use devoice dip in the water.

4.In order to make the device long time working,we suggest you use the adapter(DC 9V,600mA) if the environment allowed.


With GS/UL adaptor
Model size(max.):10×9×15CM            
Color box size:10.5X10.5X19CM                                                                           
N.W.: 11.2 KGS
G.W.: 12.2 KGS
20FT' : 11832PCS
40FT' : 24504PCS                                          
40'HQ: 28752PCS

With BS adaptor
Model size(max.):10×9×15CM            
Color box size:10.5X10.5X21CM                                                                           
N.W.: 11.3 KGS
G.W.: 12.3 KGS
20FT' : 10800PCS
40FT' : 21600PCS                                          
40'HQ: 24960PCS



Lead Time︰20 days after iorder confirmed
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