Products Introduction of Solar Sonic Snake Repeller

Solar sonic snake repeller makes use of sound waves to repel snakes. Solar sonic snake repeller is very effective in driving underground rodents by transmitting sound waves. Sound waves stimulate them, and imitate dangers, and expel them within the radiation area. Solar sonic snake repeller emits sound waves every 30 seconds or so, which is effective within 100 square meters. Solar sonic snake repeller radiates in all directions, and is unhindered by any hindrance, letting the sound wave emissions freely. Solar sonic snake repeller battery is phthalocyanine rechargeable savings battery. When the batteries are fully charged, enough electricity can be supplied at night to ensure continuous operation throughout the night.

Attention should be paid to using the solar sonic snake repeller: First, check the ground before using it. Frozen soil, surface flooding irrigation is not suitable for use. Dig a hole and put the rodent repellent in. The density of soil will greatly affect the effect of the device. The denser the soil is, the higher the repellent effect is. Do not use hammer when installing. No need to install hard, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

Installation of solar sonic snake repeller: use wooden stakes to drill a hole in the high lighting location of the terrain, and insert the rodent repellent into it, so that the top is about 10 centimeters away from the ground, and install one every 5-8 meters.

Cautions for solar sonic snake repeller:

1. The bottom of the top should be exposed to the outside and the water does not enter the standard line according to the topographic changes.
2. Before the first use, expose the phthalocyanine solar panels to the sun for two days, then insert them into the ground, which will have a better effect.

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