Principle and Scope of Application of Spider Repeller

This product adopts moisture-proof design, frequency conversion/fixed frequency two modes are optional, electrified LED display, the effective range is about 30-80 square meters.

1. Design principle of spider plug in repeller

According to the research of foreign zoologists, all kinds of animals can hear different frequencies. Generally speaking, the body shape of animals is inversely proportional to the frequency of hearing, such as elephants, tigers, lions and so on. The frequency of hearing is lower than that of human beings. But cats, dogs, mice, cockroaches, head lice and other small animals in the family can hear more frequently than human beings.

Most of the frequencies that humans can hear range from 3 kHz to 15 kHz, and only a few people can hear frequencies exceeding 20 kHz. This range of frequencies is electronically called sound wave, and the frequencies below it are called bass wave, while the frequencies above it are called supersonic wave.

2. Principle of spider plug in repeller

According to the conclusions of zoologists abroad and laboratories at home and abroad, mice are afraid of the frequency of 25-55KHZ. This product uses modern microelectronic technology to effectively stimulate the nervous system and auditory system of mice within the control area, so that it can produce discomfort and escape from the scene, so as to achieve the purpose of driving away all kinds of mice.

3. Scope of application of spider plug in repeller:

1). This product is suitable for family, restaurant, hotel, hospital, office building, warehouse and other places.
2). This product can effectively drive away mice in the space of about 30-80 square meters.
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