Aosion Solar Mole Repeller With LED Light AN-A316F

Aosion Solar Mole Repeller With LED Light AN-A316F
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Aosion Solar Mole Repeller with Garden Light Instructions:

  • Patent Number: ZL 201320621302.1
  • By emitting sound waves&vibration, the Solar Mole Repeller drives away underground rodents very effectively. The sound waves will irritate them, simulate danger, and repel them away from the irradiated area.
  • The Solar powered Mole Repeller is applicable to outdoor gardens, nurseries, lawn and other surface and underground flooding rat.
  • Power supply by solar energy, energy-saving, maintenance-free, green environmental protection product.
  • LED lights are embedded in the Vibrating Mole Repeller, LED Light with Automatic Identification System design, decorate your living environment. Different Led colors for choice.
  • With Extra Battery Cassette, which can make it easy to replace the battery,
  • Prolong the serving life of the device.

Aosion Best Solar Mole Repeller With LED Light AN-A316F Function:

  • With multifunctional slide switch, 3 working modes for choose.
  • Model 1(I): LED Lights will light up automatically when less light to decorate your living environment+Mole Repeller.
  • Model 2(II): Mole Repeller
  • Model 3(0): Function off.

Aosion Electronic Mole Repellent With LED Light AN-A316F Certification:


Aosion Sonic Mole Repeller With LED Light AN-A316F Package:

Single packing
  • Model size(max.): 32x15.3x15.3CM
  • Box size:31.5x15.5x9.5CM
  • QTY:10PCS
  • N.W.:5 KGS
  • G.W.:6 KGS
  • MEAS:49X32.5X32.5CM
  • 20FT' :  5680 PCS
  • 40FT' : 11360PCS
  • 40HQ : 13260PCS

Twin packing
  • Model size(max.): 32x15.3x15.3CM
  • Box size:35x15.5x9.5CM
  • QTY:20PCS
  • N.W.:7 KGS
  • G.W.:8 KGS
  • MEAS:49X36X32.5CM
  • 20FT' :  9200 PCS
  • 40FT' : 18400PCS
  • 40HQ : 21500PCS

Aosion Best Solar Powdered Mole Repeller With LED Light AN-A316F Photos:

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