Aosion Outdoor Sonic Battery Mole Repeller AN-A308

Aosion Outdoor Sonic Battery Mole Repeller AN-A308
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Battery Mole Repeller Feature:

1. The Battery Mole Repeller emits low frequency sound which vibrates the ground in a circular pattern. The mole senses the vibration and move away from it. The vibration will be blocked by solid objects, such as building foundation. Covers extend in a circle from the unit. Work interval is 30 second( ± 5seconds ) and Frequency: 400HZ-1000HZ

2. Powered by on 2*D batteries, A set of batteries should last 4-6 months. Check regular and remove if the ground becomes waterlogged or frozen.

3. The coverage area depends on the soil type: Heavy clay soil gives the greatest coverage, and light sandy soil gives the lowest coverage. Normally is around 625 square meters

4. Before using for the first time, Install batteries: We recommend using high quality batteries. The unit takes 2×D cell batteries. Place in an area covered by loose soil, for example, a vegetable garden or flower bed. Be very careful to ensure the top is securely fitted and therefore watertight.

5. How to installing in the ground: Dig the hole in the area where the pests are found, don't hammer the unit into the ground, as this will damage it. Carefully place the unit into the hole, ensuring that the soil comes up to the top of the unit (excluding the removable top).

Battery Mole Repeller Package:

Model size(max.): 5.7×5.7×25CM

Box size:18x26x6cm (4pcs/set)





20FT' : 35232PCS

40FT' : 70464PCS

40HQ : 82560PCS

Battery Mole Repeller Certification:


Battery Mole Repeller Photos:
Battery Mole RepellerMole RepellerBattery Gopher RepellerGopher RepellerGopher RepellerGopher RepellerBattery Gopher RepellerBattery Mole RepellerBattery Mole RepellerSonic Mole Repeller

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