Working Principle of Water-proof Vole Repeller

Rats, bats and other animals communicate with ultrasound. The auditory system of mice is very developed and sensitive to ultrasound. They can judge the source of sound in darkness. Young rats can send out 30-50 kHz ultrasound when threatened, and they can return to their nests by sending out ultrasound and echo without opening their eyes. Adult rats in crisis can send out an ultrasound call for help, while mating can also send out ultrasound to express happiness, we can say that ultrasound is the language of rats.

Ultrasound produced by the waterproof vole repeller can effectively stimulate and cause the rats to feel threatened and uneasy. This technology comes from advanced pest control concepts in Europe and America. The purpose of using water-proof vole repeller is to create a "good space without mice and pests", create an environment where pests and mice can not survive, force them to migrate automatically, unable to reproduce and grow in the control area, and achieve the goal of eradicating rats and pests.

The electromagnetic waves produced by the waterproof vole repeller are only a few hertz frequencies. The frequencies of ultrasound and infrared rays are beyond the range of human hearing, and the power of all radio waves is very small, so they are absolutely harmless to human body. If it is harmful to human body, there will be no medical devices such as ultra-low frequency therapeutic instrument, ultrasound therapeutic instrument and infrared therapeutic instrument.

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