Working Principle of Solar Powered Mosquito Killer

1. Principle of solar powered mosquito killer: According to the phototaxis of pests and traditional light trapping, it combines the photo taxis of pests, receives sunlight energy during the day and automatically turns off the lights. At night, intelligent electronic control automatically starts the black light, turns on the solar energy lamp, produces photo voltaic effect, traps and kills the female of pests, and prevents the reproduction of pests. It has the advantages of greatly reducing the use of pesticides, replacing conventional electricity and saving energy. It is the most ideal physical insecticide killing method.

2. Solar powered mosquito killer function: this product has the function of light control, time control, automatic turn-off, high voltage shock, automatic protection (if the rainwater from environment makes the high voltage short-circuit, that automatically stops, then the short-circuit elimination will automatically start). It is innovative, advanced, mechanical and electrical integrated, and is the high degree of automation of new technology products.

3. The characteristics of a solar powered mosquito killer have a large trap area and long service life. A radiation field of 5-7 mu can be used for 5-7 years. The insect killing effect is good and the killing efficiency is high. It has a wide range of use and can be used for numerous kinds of pests. It is suitable for all kinds of agricultural and forestry crops, grain fields, cotton fields, vegetable fields, trees, flowers, and orchards. It is safe and reliable to use, easy to install, economical and affordable.

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