Working Principle of Outdoor Pest Repeller

Numerous studies have shown that the most severe bites in summer are mosquitoes during pregnancy. At this time, female mosquitoes will avoid male mosquitoes. Using this feature, outdoor pest repeller devices are designed to produce ultrasound waves similar to male mosquitoes flapping their wings, so as to drive female mosquitoes away.

The outdoor pest repeller emits a rhythmic "drip" sound. According to these basic principles of biology and bionics, high-tech circuits are used to simulate the sound of male mosquitoes and dragonflies'wings shaking. At the same time, the two sounds are integrated into a special ultrasound to make the mosquitoes run away. Because the frequency of ultrasound is constantly changing in a large range, it can adapt to all kinds of mosquitoes without causing "adaptability" and "immunity" to the human body.

An outdoor pest repeller based on bionic electronics. Usually there is an electronic mosquito repellent device which imitates the ultrasonic signal of male mosquitoes to repel female mosquitoes. A bat-type electronic mosquito repellent device that mimics the radio signals emitted by bats to repel mosquitoes. Using the phototaxis of mosquitoes, the mosquitoes were attracted to a high-pressure wire set around a certain wavelength ultraviolet light source to kill mosquitoes by a photoinduced electronic mosquito repellent device. Using the phototaxis of mosquitoes, the mosquitoes are attracted to the vicinity of the lamp by emitting a specific wavelength light through the UV lamp tube. Then the mosquito-sticking electronic mosquito repellent device is used to stick mosquitoes with sticky tape or sticky board blocked on the flight path of mosquitoes.
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