Working Principle of Motion Sensor Bird Repeller

At present, the bird-repelling device on the market does not have the function of detecting birds. The reason is that it is not easy for small animals like the kind of black bird to be detected by board or the detection distance is too short. The motion sensor bird-driving can effectively detect the small movement of small objects by using the principle of microwave doppler mobile detection, and can judge whether there is activity of the black bird by combining with the DSP algorithm. When the activity of the black bird is detected, the system transversely emits Ukrainian sound and emits ultrasound. Ultrasound frequency is scanned cyclically from 22 kHz to 50 kHz.

Motion sensor bird repeller can detect the activity of birds within 25 meters, and the effect of bird drive is good, and it is not easy for the black birds to adapt to the ultrasound and sound of bird repeller.

The theoretical research and experimental test show that the actual detection distance of the motion sensor bird repeller can reach 25m, and the detection accuracy is related to the speed, direction and DSP algorithm of birds. The misjudgement is permissible at very low misjudgement speed in view of the actual situation. Ultrasound can make birds feel uncomfortable and achieve a certain effect of bird repelling. The bird repelling method simulating natural enemies of birds or other threatening sounds has good effect. The bird repelling method combined with ultrasonic frequency local love ring scanning and voice random strong radiation during picking period has a very good effect on bird repelling.

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