Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

This ultrasonic dog bark deterrent can automatically stop the bark and creates a tranquil and quiet indoor environment. You just need to put it on the table or in the corner of the house where the dog is often barking. When the dog barks, the dog within the coverage will hear a 2 second ultrasound. You can set it to turn on automatically when the dog barks, or you can turn it on manually to make an ultrasound. Your dog will associate the high-frequency tone it hears with its own bark, and the ultrasound can only be heard by dogs, which can not be heard by most of the human beings. Most dogs will reduce their barking after a few days. The device covers an area of 8 meters and is the size of one to two rooms in a conventional house. Larger rooms can be equipped with an extra ultrasonic dog bark deterrent or equipped with one in each room. If your dog is barking around in the house, or if there are multiple dogs in the house, you need to consider using a bark stop collar.
Main features:
• Use high frequency ultrasound to interrupt the annoying bark, there  is no need to wear a stop collar
• Can be placed on the desktop or used by holding on hand
• Applicable to all dogs within the valid range
Best use tips:
• Face the device front towards the dog.
• Make sure there are no large-scale obstacles between the device and the dog, the ultrasound may not travel through the screen or the wall.
• Do not use this dog bark deterrent on deaf or hearing-impaired dogs that do not respond to ultrasound.
• Turn off the device when not in use to prevent the dog from being numb to the sound.
• For a room larger than 7.6 meters, only  one ultrasonic dog bark deterrent is not enough, and equipment should be added.
• Do not use it outdoors, the ultrasonic waves are not stable in the outdoor.
• To extend battery life, turn off the device when it is not in use.

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