Tips for Placing Electronic Insect Zapper

The electric insect zapper works by using the phototaxis of insects to attract them. This kind of lamp can emit light of a specific wavelength, which has certain attraction to flying insects, when the flying insects fly to the light-emitting tube. The high voltage and large current generated by the voltage doubler rectifier circuit kills the insect in an instant. The electric insect zapper has a wide range of uses and a wide variety of effects, which can trap more than one thousand kinds of pests. Can be applied to a variety of agricultural and forestry crops, tea gardens, rice grain bases, cotton fields, vegetable bases, forest trees, flowers, orchards, aquaculture, etc., and the process of insecticide does not pollute the environment at all, energy saving and environmental friendly, non-toxic and innocuous to humans and animals.

When using electric insect zapper in summer, it is necessary to reasonably select the placement position and lighting time of the lamps so as to achieve the desired pest control effect.

The position of the electric insect zapper should not be too close to people, and it is best to be a few meters apart. It is not advisable to hang it too high. Otherwise, it will attract outdoor flying insects to enter the room.

When the lights are turned on, generally at dusk or at night, other lights should be extinguished. At this time, the flying insects have the strongest phototaxis and the insecticidal effect will be the best. Note that the electric insect zapper should not be used in an open space or in a high temperature environment to avoid damage to the lamp due to rain or high temperature aging.
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