Three Ways to Drive Away Pigeons

In addition to that the pigeons like to shit on other people's balconies, they are relatively mild animals in the general aspect. Pigeons only eat cereals every day, and occasionally worms. Pigeons will attack the same kind, but not the weak ones. For example, on the same platform, there are two pigeons in two communities, often one will drive the other away. If a sparrow and a pigeon stop on the same platform, the pigeon will not attack the sparrow.

Pigeons are generally "afraid and suspicious" of everything outside. The principle of driving away pigeons is to use their timidity. If your balcony, terrace, kitchen, lampblack machine pipes are often harassed by pigeons, you can try the following methods, which are based on the sound, light, taste characteristics. It is based on good intentions to drive, protect, and not hurt.

1. Bird driving belt
Using light polyester film material, it can be pasted on the balcony. The breeze can be blown up, and it can produce some sounds when it is blown up, and there is strong reflection in the daytime, and the light on the balcony can be turned on at night. It is widely used in agriculture to drive not only pigeons, but also small birds such as sparrows.

Advantages: easy to arrange and cheap.
Disadvantages: it will break in rainy and windy days. After the break, it should be rearranged. It should be used with lights at night.

2. Bird repellent
It's not a poison. It can be applied on the branches and leaves of flowers and trees. Its principle is not to kill birds, but to drive them away with the smell they don't like.

Advantages: easy to arrange, low price, no difference in driving birds in 24 hours.
Disadvantages: taste can affect people (though not smelly), and it should be rearranged in a while.

3. Ultrasonic bird repeller
It is mainly used in agriculture. The mainstream ultrasonic bird repeller can send out "sound waves" of multiple frequency bands. It can drive birds without difference in 24 hours under the condition of power support (at present, it is mostly powered by solar energy), with a large range and excellent effect.

Advantages: large range (but to avoid walls or glass windows blocking the sound wave), 24-hour no difference drive birds. As long as the quality of the machine is excellent, it can be used for a long time.

If you are being "harassed" by pigeons, we Aosion can provide you with high-quality pigeon repeller, contact us now!

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