The Working Principle of Electronic Bird Repellent

According to the research, firstly, the auditory sense of birds is 10 times as human’s, they are so sensitive to sound. Sound wave at a certain range has large influence on birds, for example, they will feel uncomfortable and uneasy, high sound pressure frequency from electronic bird repellent can also scare them. Secondly, many birds are afraid of eagles, so the sound of eagles will scare them too. Thirdly, birds are always afraid of the shot from hunters, the simulation of that sound can also scare them seriously. Fourthly, traditional wind bird repellent is using the principle that birds are afraid of reflected sunlight, LED flicker with high light can also scare birds seriously.

The working principle of electronic bird repellent:
In the early days, the interior frequency of microprocessor comes out a frequency at random, after enlarging by power,electronic bird repellent gives out sound and strong light and simulation of shot and eagles to drive birds. At the same time, microprocessor will judge if there are birds by receiving signal from radar and store the times that birds' activities. We can choose the most suitable ultrasonic frequency to drive birds by changing frequency and testing the times of activities. When birds have adapted it or there are some other birds get into protective area, the times that birds activities will increase, so that we can repeat the above-mentioned steps to find a best frequency to drive birds.
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