The Working Principle of 360 Degree Mouse Repeller

The 360 degree mouse repeller is a new product that uses ultrasonic principles to deal with pests, which is a high-end electronic product that can drive away pests without using chemicals. Its design concept and effectiveness are the most advanced in Europe. This 360 degree mouse repeller interferes with the brain nerves such as mice and pests according to the principle of ultrasound, causing a strong reflex reaction of the central nervous system and the auditory system, making it unbearable, panic and uneasy, and fleeing from the scene. The 360 degree mouse repeller consists of two dual-core high-frequency generators: a conversion transmitter and dual speakers that drive away common unwelcome pests in an electronically dense manner. When expelling these harmful animals, they are neither killing nor environmentally friendly (not polluting the environment because of the death or decay of the animal's body), and also being healthy (the virus is not required to be treated for the body of the animal). What's more, its effect is long lasting and the cost is low.

Besides, this 360 degree mouse repeller produces ultrasonic frequencies ranging from 25,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz, which has no adverse effects on humans and domestic pets such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, and poultry and livestock, because their auditory nerves cannot hear these sounds.

The effective coverage of each unit is about 30-80 square meters, but there should be at least one in each room in case of partition wall.

This 360 degree mouse repeller is applicable to a wide range of applications, and is suitable for use in homes, restaurants, stores in various industries, supermarkets, farms, warehouses, kindergartens, office buildings and other places that are not suitable for killing rats with medicine. This product can effectively drive around 30-80 square meters of independent space. The service life of the product is as long as 5 years, and the product can work continuously for 24 hours once it is used. Electricity consumption is extremely low.

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