The Use And Attentions of Rat Repeller

Ultrasonic mouse repeller is a kind of device that can generate 20khz-55khz ultrasonic wave by using professional electronic technology design and years of scientific research on rats. The ultrasonic wave generated by the device can effectively stimulate and cause rats to feel threat and uneasiness. The purpose of using this technology is to create a "rat free and pest free high-quality space", create an environment where pests, rats and other pests cannot survive, forcing them to migrate automatically and not reproduce and grow within the control area, so that we can achieve the goal of eradicating mice and pests.

Installation requirements of the ultrasonic rat repeller:

1. Ultrasonic rat repeller shall be installed 20-80 cm from the ground, and it is required to insert the power socket perpendicular to the ground;
2. The installation point should avoid carpet, curtain and other sound-absorbing materials as far as possible, so as to prevent the reduction of sound pressure from reducing the sound field and affecting the insect repellent effect;
3. The ultrasonic rat repeller directly inserted into the AC 220V electric socket for use;
4. Do not use strong solvent, water or wet cloth to clean the fuselage. Please use a dry soft cloth dipped in some neutral detergent to clean the fuselage;
5. Do not drop the machine or make it suffer strong impact;
6. Operating environment temperature: 0-40 ℃;
7. If it is placed in a warehouse or an article stacking place, or in a multi room building, several more machines should be placed to increase the effect.

Common probelms for why it has no effect of ultrasonic rat repeller:

First of all, find out what kind of mouse repeller you are using. If it's the so-called electromagnetic wave or infrared mouse repeller, it certainly has no effect.

If it is an ultrasonic mouse repeller, there are several possibilities that may affect the use effect:

The first is that it has a great relationship with the use environment, such as the layout of goods, room spacing, etc., or the distribution of goods (obstacles). If the density of goods in the prevention, the reasons may lie in that control area is too high, the goods are directly stacked on the ground, or there are too many dead angles, etc. (that is, the place where ultrasonic waves cannot reach through reflection or refraction).

The second possibility is that it has a lot to do with the placement of the mousetrap. If the placement of the mousetrap is not good, the effectiveness of the mousetrap will also be weakened when the reflection surface formed is less.

The third possibility is that the power of the ultrasonic mouse repeller purchased is not enough. After several times of reflection or refraction, the energy of the ultrasonic wave has been greatly reduced, or even attenuated to the point where the purpose of mousetrap can not be achieved. Therefore, if the power of the rat repeller purchased is too small, ultrasound can not play a role. Please pay attention to the relevant indicators when purchasing similar products.

In addition, if the protection space is too large, the number of rodent repellers used is not enough, and the ultrasonic wave cannot completely cover the prevention and control range, the effect will not be ideal. In this case, it should be considered to increase the number of rat repellers or the density of placement properly.

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