The Principle of LED Mosquito Killer

LED mosquito killer is a common device in our daily life. It can help us to reduce mosquitoes in the room, and thus reduce the problems caused by mosquitoes in our lives.

LED mosquito killer is produced based on the principle that mosquito has a strong phototactic and thermal characteristics. With ultraviolet fluorescent lamp light source, it can attract mosquitoes to fly into the LED mosquito killer and then they will be electrocuted to death by high-voltage power. The HVDC voltage on the high-voltage power grid is usually 800-1500V, and the short-circuit current is less than 1 mA, so it is not dangerous to people. At the same time, the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED mosquito killer can be used as a gentle illumination at night, and the power consumption of the general household LED mosquito-killer is 2-8W. Therefore, the LED mosquito killer is a household electrical appliance that is easy to use, energy saving, non-toxic, tasteless and needs no drugs to kill mosquito.

LED mosquito killer helps to attract mosquitoes mainly through photo catalysis, and then kill mosquitoes through a high-voltage grid. Nowadays, there are many mosquito killer used in life. LED mosquito killer is a relatively common one; it needs no chemicals to help kill mosquitoes. It is a mosquito-killing weapon made from high technology abroad. LED mosquito killer is very effective and can help us to have a better living environment.

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