The Characteristics of 360 Degree Mouse Repeller

Safe and non-toxic. The ultra-low frequency wave emitted by this 360 degree mouse repeller is only for all kinds of pests, which will not cause any adverse effects on the human body, home appliances and pets raised by the family. The whole family can use it with confidence. No noise. This 360 degree mouse repeller is designed to make your baby and family feel at ease. (There may be a short-lived current when power is on, but it is normal, please feel free to use it) Energy-saving and environment-friendly. This 360 degree mouse repeller adopts the design of pure copper sheet and heat dissipation hole, which led to energy saving and tasteless. The quality is unparalleled, so you can enjoy life without pests. Ultra low electromagnetic wave. It uses battery wave technology to drive away all kinds of pests under its jurisdiction. It has stable performance, strong function and quick effect. Ultra-low frequency electromagnetic waves can effectively penetrate the wall and will not be used because it is blocked by objects.
The effects of 360 degree mouse repeller:
The effect is significant and long-term: it hits within a week of installation, and pests will never come in again. Health and environmental protection: there is no need to deal with pests and corpses, so there is no worry about virus contamination. Quiet and no noise: The resulting ultrasonic waves are not heard by humans, poultry and domestic pets, so it is quiet and silent. Does not interfere with home appliances: Ultrasonic waves do not interfere with any home appliances because it is not a radio wave. Power saving and cost savings: power consumption is less than 3 watts. In the case of one month of continuous operation, only 2 kWh per month is required.

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