The Brief Introduction of Spider Repeller Plug In

Spiders are useful animals and therefore should not be killed. The spider repeller plug in is an insect repeller that allows spiders to leave our world. The ideal solution is to use average ultrahigh frequency sounds to drive them back to their natural habitat. The spider repeller plug in therefore signals the spider and there is a non-stop circuit that periodically raises and lowers the frequency between 7 and 14 kHz. The spider repeller plug in acts as a driving force through the sensory sensing of the spider.

Spider repeller plug in product performance

Spiders can only escape alone. The data indicates that spider eggs need a certain amount of time to hatch, and when they hatch, they will be driven again by our products, so spider repeller plug in can achieve full results in 4 to 6 weeks. Note: Remember, there must be an opportunity for the spider to escape. The window should be opened so that the spider can leave the house and go outdoors.

Spider repeller plug in effective range

The important thing is that the device emits ultra-high frequency sound directly. Therefore, the specified effective range is determined by the respective place and can be used independently, which means that the height of a room is 2.40 meters. Even in the presence of furniture or curtains in the room, the ultra-high frequency sound emitted by the product can cover the entire room.

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