The Brief Introduction of Battery Bird Repeller

Rescuing birds is also called catching birds, preventing birds, and preventing birds from hitting. In English, it is called bird repellent. Broadly speaking, all means of preventing farm animals from invading their own territory, such as farms, orchards, wind power plants, military and civilian airports, and thus endangering their own labor results or equipment safety, are called bird repellents.

The battery bird repeller is an ultra-low-power intelligent bird repelling device made technology that includes imported single-chip microcomputer, Doppler radar to detect bird proximity technology, pickup to detect bird screaming, ultrasonic bird repeller technology, simulated eagle sound source repeller, simulated shotgun gun repeller and night strobe light repeller.

How the battery bird repeller works

The battery bird repeller system turns on Doppler radar detection and pickup detection by default. When the birds are detected to be close, the system is activated to emit ultrasonic waves to stimulate the bird's nervous system, while simulating the eagle sound source and the shotgun sound source to deter the birds from approaching the tower. In the case of birds approaching at night, according to the habit of birds fearing flash, stroboscopic light is used to stimulate the visual system of birds, destroying the living environment of birds and driving birds away from the defense area, so as to eliminate bird damage and ensure security.

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