The Advantahes of Mole Repeller with Light

1.Using sound wave and vibration wave that simulates the sound of mice nervous centralis to spread, it will make mice feel uncomfortable so that they will run away from site.

2.Mole repeller with light is suitable for outdoor garden, nursery, lawn and underground for driving mice.

3.The power source of mole repeller with light is solar, it is environmental product that can save electricity. It can keep working for 4 rainy days after blazing under the sun for one day.

4.Mole repeller with light is with UV for keeping away from ultraviolet ray.

5.Range of application: 625 square meters.

6.LED has automatic identification system, it will start automatically when it feels weak light, it can keep working for 4 hours, it can light your garden as well as drive the mice.

7.Mole repeller with light is suitable for family, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, buildings and warehouses.
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