Technology Field of Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Birds are friends for our human beings, but human beings are still troubled by birds when we care for them. For example, it is a big problem when birds build their nests and defecate on power transmission towers. In order to improve the reliability and safety of transmission and transformation equipment and avoid the ground discharge fault caused by birds nesting, it is necessary to take measures to drive away birds without harming birds. At present, the bird repeller used in power transmission and transformation equipment mainly include windmill bird repeller, voice bird repellent, high voltage electronic pulse bird repellent, capacitance discharge air explosion, strong light bird repellent and bird stab prevention.

An adjustable frequency acoustic transmitter is designed by the ultrasonic transmitting circuit. The user can adjust the transmitting frequency of the acoustic wave according to the object being driven. The user adjusts the sound frequency through the external frequency adjustment button. The correct response to key is realized by diode indicator circuit.

The control module controls the ultrasonic loudspeaker to continuously and alternately emit the frequency-varying ultrasonic wave. Utilizing the difference between birds' and human's hearing, the ultrasonic wave emitted by the loudspeaker stimulates the birds' hearing, fills the birds' living environment with the noise that birds think, and makes them unwilling to approach the transmission tower, so as to achieve the effect of repelling birds.

AOSION birds repeller use modern electronic technology, we can effectively drive birds, protect birds, and achieve harmony between man and nature.

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